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Are Robbie Amell And Stephen Amell Related? Relationship Explained

Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell, renowned actors in the entertainment industry are related, they share a familial connection as cousins.

Robbie Amell, born on April 21, 1988, is a Canadian-American actor and producer. Best known for portraying Stephen Jameson in “The Tomorrow People,” Ronnie Raymond in “The Flash,” and Nathan Brown in “Upload.”

His early career included roles in “Life with Derek” and “True Jackson, VP.” Amell’s film credits encompass “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins,” “The DUFF,” and “Code 8.”

Amell’s breakthrough came with “The Tomorrow People” in 2013, followed by roles in “The Flash” and “The X-Files.” He starred in “Nine Lives” and “The Babysitter” series.

Amell’s passion for hockey led to his role in “Hockey Night.” Notable films include “The DUFF” and “Code 8.” In 2020, he starred in and produced “Upload” on Amazon Prime.

Robbie Amell A Canadian-American Actor
Robbie Amell A Canadian-American Actor (Source: People)

Amell’s diverse filmography showcases his talent and versatility, with upcoming projects like “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” and “Code 8: Part II.”

In his personal life, Amell is married to actress Italia Ricci, with whom he shares a son. They became dual Canadian/US citizens in 2020, residing in Toronto.

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Are Robbie Amell And Stephen Amell Related? Relationship Explained

In the realm of Hollywood, familial connections often spark intrigue, and the Amell cousins, Robbie and Stephen Amell, are no exception.

The query surrounding their relationship is swiftly answered – yes, they are related. Hailing from Canada, the duo shares a familial tie as paternal cousins, dispelling any confusion arising from their identical last name.

The relationship between Robbie and Stephen is not merely a genetic coincidence; it’s a narrative woven with shared experiences and mutual support.

Robbie Amell And Stephen Amell Are Cousins
Robbie Amell And Stephen Amell Are Cousins (Source: EntertainmentTonight)

During their youth, Robbie’s mischievous exploits involved borrowing Stephen’s ID to navigate age restrictions and gain entry into clubs.

The physical resemblance between the cousins made this ruse possible, leaving behind amusing tales of mistaken identities.

Beyond familial pranks, Robbie played a pivotal role in shaping Stephen’s career. Reading the script for the CW show “Arrow” first, Robbie identified Stephen as the ideal candidate for the lead role.

This recommendation at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game set in motion Stephen’s iconic portrayal of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

As they navigate the intricacies of Hollywood, the Amell cousins stand as a testament to the enduring strength of family ties, showcasing that their shared last name is more than just a coincidence in the world of entertainment.

Family Bonds on Set: Stephen and Robbie Amell’s Heartfelt Collaboration in Code 8: Part II

In a PEOPLE exclusive, cousins Stephen and Robbie Amell celebrate their collaboration on Netflix’s Code 8: Part II, expressing gratitude for the chance to work together on a project that became a family affair.

Filming in Toronto added a personal touch as they revisited locations near their childhood homes.

Robbie, 36, shares the joy of shooting scenes down the block from Stephen’s childhood residence, creating a sentimental connection to their past.

Robbie Amell And Stephen Amell Collaboration In Code 8 Part II
Robbie Amell And Stephen Amell Collaboration In Code 8 Part II (Source: People)

The familial atmosphere extended to the entire production, with both actors emphasizing the camaraderie among the cast and crew.

Stephen, 43, reflects on the significance of filming at 42 Berkindale Drive, his childhood home, seeing it as a “proof of concept” for potential future collaborations with family.

Code 8: Part II, a sequel to the 2019 film, unfolds five years later and features Robbie’s character, Connor, navigating challenges with Stephen’s character, Garrett.

The actors acknowledge the rarity of such opportunities, attributing the project’s success to the dedication of everyone involved.

Stephen concludes by expressing pride in their collaborative efforts, deeming it a unique and memorable venture in their careers, proving the potential for continued family collaborations in the future.

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