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Richard Christy Parents: Father Tom Christy & Mother Pat Christy

Richard Christy Parents are Tom Christy and Pat Christy. He is an American drummer and radio personality, renowned for his past role as the drummer in various heavy metal bands from the early 1990s, with notable stints in bands like Death. He is also well-known for his time as a member of The Howard Stern Show.

Thomas Richard Christy Jr. was born on April 1, 1974, in Fort Scott, Kansas. He was raised in the nearby town of Redfield, on a “farm in the middle of nowhere”.

Richard Christy, An American Drummer And Radio Personality
Richard Christy, An American Drummer And Radio Personality (Source: Howard Stern)

Christy’s interest in drumming was sparked when he heard Hot for Teacher by Van Halen in 1984.

Encouraged by his parents, who were supportive of his decision, he expressed a desire to learn the drums.

On his tenth birthday, his parents bought him his first drum pad and sticks. He practiced on these before they purchased his initial professional drum kit for $100 from a junkyard.

Christy invested in instructional videos to enhance his skills, including ones by Terry Bozzio.

As he progressed, drummers Dave Lombardo and Pete Sandoval became significant influences, inspiring him to play at a faster pace.

Other drummers such as Frankie Banali, Mikkey Dee, Bobby Jarzombek, Sean Reinert, and Gene Hoglan also played a role in shaping his musical style. At the age of fourteen, he attended his first concert, featuring Stryper and White Lion.

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Richard Christy Parents: Father Tom Christy & Mother Pat Christy

Richard Christy Parents: Richard Christy, an acclaimed American drummer, was born on April 1, 1974, in Fort Scott, Kansas.

He was born to parents, his father Tom Christy, and his mother Pat Christy. His father is a Vietnam veteran.

There is little to no information about his mother present on the social media platform. However, there are some interviews that they gave in The Howard Stern Show.

After much anticipation, Howard had Richard Christy’s parents on the show to discuss life on their Kansas farm.

Mr. Christy revealed that he had never been to New York before and that the largest city he had visited was Kansas City.

Richard Christy With His Parents
Richard Christy With His Parents (Source: Howard Stern)

Howard was surprised to learn that Mr. Christy hadn’t traveled extensively, especially after returning from serving in Vietnam. However, Mr. Christy explained that it simply wasn’t something he did.

When asked about his time in the war and the Purple Heart he received for heroism, Mr. Christy expressed reluctance to discuss these topics.

He explained to Howard that he preferred not to bring up those memories, as he didn’t want to be singled out for his acts when there were many others who were just as brave.

Gary pointed out that the Purple Heart is awarded to soldiers wounded in battle, which could be a reason for Mr. Christy’s hesitancy to speak about it.

During the discussion about their long-lasting marriage of 34 years, Howard inquired about Mr. and Mrs. Christy’s romantic experiences before they became a couple.

Mr. Christy claimed that Mrs. Christy was his first and only partner, but she clarified to Howard that this wasn’t accurate.

She admitted to having been with other men before meeting Mr. Christy, though the number was relatively small.

Richard Christy: Relationship

Richard Christy Parents: Richard Christy tied the knot with Kristin Jenco on July 30, 2011, in New York City. The couple welcomed their son, Carson Cain Christy, into the world in 2017, affectionately known as “Bubby.”

Carson is named after former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, as the Eagles are Kristin’s favorite team.

Richard Christy With His Wife
Richard Christy With His Wife (Source: X)

In the event of having another son, they planned to name him Patrick after Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, given that the Chiefs are Richard’s favorite team.

Before Super Bowl LIV, on the Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show, Christy had the opportunity to meet Patrick Mahomes.

He tearfully expressed his admiration for Mahomes, declaring his love for him and expressing his intention to name his next son after the quarterback.

However, he eventually named his second son Cameron instead. In addition to being a Chiefs fan, Christy is also a supporter of the Kansas City Royals.

He attended the 2015 World Series between the Royals and the New York Mets with fellow Howard Stern Show co-worker Gary Dell’Abate, who is an avid Mets fan.

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