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Paul Giamatti Parents: Father Angelo Bartlett Giamatti & Mother Toni Marilyn Giamatti

Paul Giamatti Parents: Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti, a versatile American actor, was born to his parents, father Angelo Bartlett Giamatti, and mother Toni Marilyn Giamatti.

Paul Giamatti, An American Actor
Paul Giamatti, An American Actor (Source: Instagram)

Paul Giamatti is a well-acclaimed Hollywood star, born on June 6, 1967, in New Haven, Connecticut. Paul is the youngest of three children.

Giamatti initially received education at The Foote School and later completed his studies at Choate Rosemary Hall in 1985.

He pursued higher education at Yale, actively participating in the undergraduate theater scene alongside fellow actors Ron Livingston and Edward Norton.

Graduating in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in English, he continued his studies at the Yale School of Drama, earning a master of fine arts degree under the guidance of Earle R. Gister.

Paul showcased his talents in various theatrical productions, including Broadway and a period from 1989 to 1992 at Seattle’s Annex Theater.

Following this, he ventured into small roles in television and film during the early 1990s. In 2023, Yale University honored Paul Giamatti with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree.

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Paul Giamatti Parents: Father Angelo Bartlett Giamatti & Mother Toni Marilyn Giamatti

Paul Giamatti Parents: Paul Giamatti was born into an intellectual family where his father, Angelo Barlett Giamatti, served as a Yale University professor.

He later ascended to the university president position before becoming the commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB).

Giamatti Family
Giamatti Family (Source: Yale Alumni Magazine)

Likewise, Paul’s mother, Toni Marilyn Giamatti, was a homemaker and English teacher. She taught at Hopkins School and had a background in acting before assuming her role as a homemaker and educator.

Paul Giamatti’s paternal grandfather’s family originated from Telese Terme, Italy, and their original surname was spelled “Giammattei” in Italian before they immigrated to the United States.

On his paternal grandmother’s side, the family had longstanding roots in New England, tracing their lineage back to the colonial era.

In addition to Paul, his brother Marcus is also involved in acting, while his sister Elena pursues a career as a jewelry designer.

Giamatti marked his television debut in the ABC made-for-television film “She’ll Take Romance” in 1990.

Following minor roles in the neo-noir “Past Midnight” (1991) and the romantic comedy “Singles” (1992), he gained attention for his performances in Woody Allen’s comedy film “Mighty Aphrodite” (1995) and Sydney Pollack’s romantic comedy remake “Sabrina” (1995).

In March of the same year, he made his Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard’s “Arcadia,” portraying the character Ezra Chater.

Vincent Canby described his role as “a helplessly funny subsidiary” one. Later in November, he portrayed The Rev. Donald Bacon in David Hare’s “Racing Demon,” both of which were productions at the Lincoln Center Theater.

Paul Giamatti’s early years as a character actor laid the foundation for his breakthrough role in the film “Private Parts” (1997), where he portrayed the memorable character Kenny “Pig Vomit” Rushton in the Howard Stern biopic.

Paul rose to stardom when his lead role in the film ‘American Splendor’ started receiving widespread critical acclaim in 2003.

The following year, in 2004, he achieved mainstream recognition and fame for his performance in the independent romantic comedy “Sideways.”

Paul Giamatti: Relationship

Paul Giamatti Parents: Paul Giamatti lives in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

He tied the knot with Elizabeth Cohen in 1997. They were married until an undisclosed date in the 2000s.

Paul Giamatti And Elizabeth Cohen
Paul Giamatti And Elizabeth Cohen (Source: Celebs Records)

The couple have a son named Samuel. Despite not having religious beliefs himself, Giamatti has expressed acceptance of his son being raised in the Jewish faith, as his wife is Jewish.

He identifies as an atheist, mentioning that religion plays a more prominent role in his life now compared to his childhood.

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