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Numa Turcatti Wikipedia: Society of the Snow Actor Enzo Vogrincic Survival Story

Numa Turcatti wikipedia page is not available as of now. This article invites you to explore his early life and family background to his death.

Hailing from Uruguay, the law student hailing from Uruguay, was among the survivors of the 1972 plane crash.

Unfortunately, he lost his life due to a severe leg infection, and the absence of antibiotics or medical aid.

As he faced his untimely demise, he was 25 years old, spending his final birthday confined under the snow.

Numa Turcatti, A Law Student, Dies At 25
Numa Turcatti, A Law Student, Dies At 25 (Source: Findagrave)

Numa Turcatti, aged 25, experienced the unfortunate crash of the plane he was on during the year 1972.

Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, a chartered Fairchild FH-227D, met a tragic end as it journeyed from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Santiago, Chile, ultimately crashing in the Andes mountains.

Struggling for survival, he made every possible effort, urging his friends to use his body for sustenance, and held a page from the Bible with the powerful words, “There is no greater love than that which gives one’s life for one’s friends.”

The passing of Numa Turcatti was a consequence of a leg injury that weakened him, ultimately leading to his demise six days after the plane crash.

In the Netflix film “Society of the Snow,” Numa Turcatti serves as the narrator, providing content and insights as the storyline progresses.

Tragically, his role in the narrative is abruptly halted by a fatal infection resulting from a leg injury.

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Numa Turcatti Wikipedia

Numa Turcatti, born on October 30, 1944, grew up in Montevideo, Uruguay, under the care of his parents, Gastón Turcatti and Isabel Sara Pesquera Cadenas.

Amidst the complexities of his life’s composition, Turcatti’s family took on a central role, gifting him with profound life lessons that added depth and meaning to his narrative.

The loss of Numa Turcatti deeply affected not only his parents but also the entire family, leaving them in a state of collective devastation.

Numa cherished strong family bonds, especially with his four siblings, notably his exceptional connection with his twin, Leandro. Their lives were uniquely intertwined as twins, fostering an extraordinary closeness.

Actor Enzo Vogrincic Portrays The Character Of Numa Turcatti In Society of the Snow
Actor Enzo Vogrincic Portrays The Character Of Numa Turcatti In Society of the Snow (Source: El Tiempo)

Numa’s upbringing in a large family of four brothers brought both joy and challenges, yet the current whereabouts of his family remain undisclosed.

Sadly, he passed away on December 11, 1972, at the age of 25, carrying a weight of only 25 kg (55 pounds). Numa was buried in Malargüe, Mendoza, Argentina.

Numa Turcatti met an untimely end before commencing his career. His promising career never took flight as he passed away at a young age.

Society of the Snow Actor Enzo Vogrincic Survival Story

The character of Numa Turcatti came to life in the 2023 film “Society of the Snow” through the portrayal by Uruguayan actor Enzo Vogrincic.

J. A. Bayona directed the 2023 survival thriller film, which centers around the harrowing events of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, crashing in the Andes Mountains on October 13, 1972.

“Society of the Snow” involved survivors, families, and cameos, with Director J.A. Bayona dedicating over 100 hours to connect with survivors, ensuring the film’s authenticity.

Centering around the tragic tale of the Uruguayan Air Force flight 571, designated to carry a rugby team to Chile, the film takes a compelling turn as it depicts the unexpected incident that results in a crash into a glacier in the Andes.

Cast Members Of Society of the Snow
Cast Members Of Society of the Snow (Source: Dexerto)

With 45 passengers and crew on board, the flight included 19 members from the Old Christians Club rugby union team, accompanied by their families, supporters, and friends.

Positioned at an altitude of 3,570 meters (11,710 ft), the crash site is situated in the isolated Andes mountains of western Argentina, just to the east of the Chilean border.

On December 23, 1972, the 16 survivors were rescued, bringing an end to a tough two-and-a-half-month period after the crash.

Enzo is well-known for his impressive performances in TV shows and movies, particularly in “Yosi, the Regretful Spy,” “Porno y helado,” “A Twelve-Year Night,” and “9.”

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