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Nicholas Galitzine Parents: Father Geoffrey Leo Alexander And Mother Lora Maria – Siblings

Nicholas Galitzine parents, Geoffrey Leo Alexander and Lora Maria, have been unwaveringly supportive throughout his career, playing pivotal roles in shaping him into the accomplished actor he is today.

Nicholas Galitzine, the British actor and musician, gained fame for his lead roles in the movies “Purple Hearts,” “Red, White & Royal Blue,” and “Bottoms.”

In his debut film “The Beat Beneath My Feet,” he not only acted but also lent his voice to several tracks on the original soundtrack. As Prince Robert in “Cinderella,” he was involved in shaping the film’s soundtrack.

American Actor, Nicholas Galitzine
American Actor, Nicholas Galitzine (Source: Instagram)

Galitzine’s fame expanded with his appearances in numerous films and series, such as “High Strung,” “Handsome Devil,” and “Chambers.”

“Comfort,” released in 2022, stands as Nicholas’s debut as a lead artist, with additional recognition for his contribution as a songwriter.

His upcoming roles include portraying Hayes Campbell in the movie “The Idea of You” and taking on the main character of George Villiers in the 2024 series “Mary & George.”

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Nicholas Galitzine Parents: Father Geoffrey Leo Alexander And Mother Lora Maria

Born on September 29, 1994, Nicholas Galitzine’s parents are Geoffrey Leo Alexander Galitzine and Lora Maria Konstantina Papayanni.

Hailing from Hammersmith, London, England, Nicholas Dimitri Constantine Galitzine was named by his parents. His family lineage traces back to the Russian noble family known as the House of Golitsyn.

His father, a former financier in the city of London, is now an entrepreneur with business interests that encompass a glass-recycling venture.

Nicholas Galitzine And His Father Geoffrey Leo Alexander
Nicholas Galitzine And His Father Geoffrey Leo Alexander (Source: Instagram)

Geoffrey established Smash & Grab Recycling Ltd., which later accepted an acquisition offer from Specialist Waste Recycling Ltd. in 2011.

Following that, Nicholas’s father served as a consultant for the business for two years. Professionally, his mother is also a financier, specializing in investment banking and portfolio management.

In June 2021, Nicholas expressed himself through a post on Instagram. He wrote:

To the man that raised me, drove me to rugby fixtures around the country, let me pilot a plane when I was 9, convinced me to go to the audition for the play where I’d get scouted and start a career as an actor, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! Your courage and your drive inspire me more then you know. You’ve been there for me every step of the way and I couldn’t wish for better. Love you Big G.

With a mixed heritage, he traces his roots to British and Russian origins through his father’s family and American and Greek origins through his mother’s family.

On April 9, 1956, his grandfather officially changed his name from Edward Ralph Alexander Tier to Edward Ralph Alexander Galitzine.

Following high school, he attended Dulwich College in London for his education.

During his childhood, Galitzine engaged in rugby and football, also taking part in county-level athletics competitions.

He was part of the Harlequins Academy until a rotator cuff injury forced him to cease playing sports.

At the age of 10, Nicholas joined a choir and took part in a school production of the musical “Guys and Dolls,” showcasing his early interest in performing arts.

Subsequently, he pursued his passion for acting by joining a youth theatre company at the “Pleasance” in Islington.

It was his dad who pushed him to become an actor, recognizing his talent and passion for the craft from an early age.

Nicholas has openly praised his parents, acknowledging them for his achievements and making a point to visit them despite his busy schedule.

Nicholas’s relationship with his parents reflects a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude, as he remains grounded by their love and wisdom, which continue to inspire him in his endeavors both on and off the screen.

Meet Nicholas Galitzine’s Siblings

Nicholas Galitzine’s family extends to include his younger sister, Lexi Galitzine, with whom he shares a deep connection.

On social media, Nicholas posted a picture with his sister, Lexi Galitzine. In September 2017, he wrote “Happy birthday sis! Best buds since day 1.”

Professionally, Nicholas’s sister, Lexi Galitzine, thrives as both an illustrator and interior stylist, channeling her creative talents into diverse artistic endeavors.

Nicholas Galitzine With His Younger Sister, Lexi
Nicholas Galitzine With His Younger Sister, Lexi (Source: Instagram)

Lexi Galitzine, being a supportive and caring sister to Nicholas, remains dedicated to her work in the field of design.

She chooses to operate away from the limelight, as limited information about her is accessible.

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