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Netflix’s Alexander Star Buck Braithwaite Age & Wikipedia: Wife & Family

Buck Braithwaite, an up-and-coming actor, was born on January 1, 1985. Presently, Buck Braithwaite age is 39 years old.

Buck Braithwaite gained recognition for his compelling portrayal of Alexander in the 2024 television series “Alexander: The Making of a God“.

Furthermore, he has earned praise for his work in other television series including “Masters of the Air,” “Fair Play,” and “Flowers in the Attic: The Origin“.

British Rising Actor, Buck Braithwaite
British Rising Actor, Buck Braithwaite (Source: Instagram)

Commencing his acting journey as Derren in the 2019 film “Nefarious“, he continued with roles in short films such as “Tender Red” in 2020 and “Aping Edwin Porter” in 2022.

Furthermore, he has made appearances in theater productions, including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and contributed to Arrows & Traps’ “Talking Gods” project. He notably performed in “Aphrodite,” the fourth installment.

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Buck Braithwaite Age & Wikipedia: Wife & Family

Braithwaite’s missing Wikipedia page creates a challenge for fans eager to learn about his life, including his age, family, and wife. In 2024, Buck Braithwaite age stands at 39, his birthdate being January 1, 1985.

While Buck Braithwaite keeps information about his parents and family private, he is influenced by a rich blend of multicultural experiences.

His ethnicity is deeply rooted in his British identity, with a blend of Canadian and English heritage.

His family occupies a meaningful role in his life, influencing his path as an actor, yet specific information about his parents, such as their names and occupations, remains undisclosed to the public.

In matters concerning his family, the actor takes great care to uphold their privacy, keeping these aspects away from the public eye.

Buck Braithwaite Is Very Private About His Family And Love Life
Buck Braithwaite Is Very Private About His Family And Love Life (Source: Instagram)

Despite his reputation as a talented actor, Braithwaite maintains a significant level of privacy concerning his personal life as well, particularly his relationships and his love life.

Despite fans’ curiosity and speculation, he has opted to maintain the secrecy of his romantic life, keeping it shielded from the public eye.

Fans of Braithwaite have noticed his lack of public statements regarding his relationship status, as he hasn’t shared anything on social media or other platforms.

Having no wife, Buck remains unmarried and appears to be uninvolved in any romantic relationship. He is fully dedicating himself to his acting career rather than making a girlfriend.

The deliberate choice to maintain his personal life away from the public eye enhances the actor’s enigmatic public image, granting him the freedom to dedicate himself to his career and creative pursuits without unnecessary disruptions to his private affairs.

Netflix’s Alexander Star Buck Braithwaite

Buck Braithwaite is currently impressing audiences with his portrayal of the titular historical figure, Alexander the Great, in the Netflix docudrama, “Alexander: The Making of a God.”

The Netflix series masterfully blends scholarly insights from historians and discoveries from Dr. Calliope Limneos-Papakosta’s ongoing excavations in Alexandria, Egypt, with captivating reenactments of historical events.

It narrates Alexander’s swift rise to prominence: after the assassination of his father, King Philip II, Alexander took the throne of Macedon at the age of 20.

His portrayal of Alexander in the show’s reenactment footage is striking, but you may have encountered him in previous productions.

Buck Braithwaite With His Cast Mates Of The Series Flowers in the Attic: The Origin
Buck Braithwaite With His Cast Mates Of The Series Flowers in the Attic: The Origin (Source: Instagram)

Portraying Alexander the Great in “Alexander: The Making of a God” marks one of Buck’s most significant roles, yet he also starred as Mal Foxworth in “Flowers in the Attic: The Origin,” portrayed Lt. Oscar C. Amison in the Apple TV Plus drama “Masters of the Air.”

Additionally, he acted as Theo, Luke’s brother, in the Netflix erotic thriller “Fair Play,” where he starred alongside Phoebe Dynevor, Eddie Marsan, and Rich Sommer.

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