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Is Milo Manheim Deaf? Does Zed From Zombie Trilogy Use Hearing Aid?

Milo Manheim Deaf? Milo Manheim, Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies star, is an American actor, born to his parents, mother Camryn Manheim, and father Jeffrey Brezovar. Rumors about Milo being deaf are completely false.

Milo Manheim, An American Actor
Milo Manheim, An American Actor (Source: Instagram)

Milo Manheim, an acclaimed young American actor, was born on March 6, 2001, in Venice, Los Angeles, California. he grew up in the same city.

He is of Jewish descent and celebrated his bar mitzvah ceremony, delving into the theme of “Activism at Any Age,” with the Sholem Community, a secular Jewish Sunday school located in Los Angeles, California.

Milo Manheim is skilled in playing the guitar, drums, piano, ukulele, and various wind instruments.

He started his acting journey at the age of six through a local after-school program in Culver City. From 2008 onwards, he took on prominent roles in 20 distinct musicals produced by Liza Monjauze Productions.

In 2009, he made a brief three-line guest appearance on the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer, sharing the screen with his mother.

Notably, he earned the accolade of “Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role” at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2017 for his noteworthy portrayal in the musical “Generation Me.”

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Is Milo Manheim Deaf? Does Zed From Zombie Trilogy Use Hearing Aid?

Milo Manheim Deaf? Milo Manheim was in the limelight from an early age because his parents belonged to the film and glam industry.

His mother, Camryn Manheim, is a well-renowned actress, and his father, Jeffrey Brezovar, is a former model.

Talk about Milo Manheim and the deaf started circulating when Camryn Manheim hinted her son would be guest-starring on the hit show, ‘Law & Order.’

Milo Manheim And Camryn Manheim
Milo Manheim And Camryn Manheim (Source: Instagram)

It all started with the Law & Order family having a dinner and conversation about Milo Manheim as a rising superstar came to the table.

He was supposed to be only on three scenes as an Instagram star in the show, but the producer, Rick Eid, had some big plans for him.

The Emmy winner is not only eager to have her son appear on the show but also looks forward to exploring and understanding more about Kate Dixon, her character on the show, as the series unfolds.

Camryn Manheim experienced a significant full-circle moment on the October 6 episode of “Law & Order” as her character, Lt. Kate Dixon, employed American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate during a case.

This marked a nostalgic return to her use of ASL on the show, dating back to a Season Three episode titled “Benevolence” in 1993, where she portrayed a lawyer handling a case with a deaf client.

In response to one of Dixon’s detectives inquiring about her knowledge of sign language in the show, Dixon reveals, “My son is deaf.”

Manheim noted that the show swiftly continues without making a big deal out of it, mirroring the nonchalant way it often happens in real life.

She emphasized the importance of representing the reality that people have deaf children, individuals are deaf, and there are deaf families. Manheim expressed gratitude that the show was able to seamlessly incorporate this aspect into the storyline.

Milo Manheim: A Disney Star

Milo Manheim Deaf? Milo rose to stardom from his starring role as Zed in the 2018 Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies, which premiered on February 16, 2018.

Manheim returned to his role as Zed in the sequel films “Zombies 2,” which premiered on February 14, 2020, and “Zombies 3,” released on Disney+ on July 15, 2022.

Milo Manheim With Zombie Cast Members
Milo Manheim With Zombie Cast Members (Source: Instagram)

He was revealed as one of the celebrities participating in season 27 of Dancing with the Stars on September 11, 2018. His dance partner throughout the season was professional dancer Witney Carson.

The competition concluded on November 19, 2018, with Manheim and Carson securing the second-place position, ultimately losing to radio personality Bobby Bones.

In August 2022, Manheim secured a leading role alongside Peyton List in the Paramount+ series titled “School Spirits.”

Milo is a young Hollywood star, who already has a massive following 2.4 million fans expecting to see him in more adventurous movies and series.

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