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Madison Tevlin Parents: Father Matt & Mother Grace Telvin

Madison Tevlin parents are Matt (father) and Grace (mother). She was born on December 6, 2002, in Toronto, Canada.

Madison Tevlin With Her Father, Matt Tevlin (Source: Instagram)

Madison, an unconventional actress with Down syndrome, defied early predictions from a doctor who suggested she might not talk, walk, or hold a job.

The doctor even recommended adoption or placing her in a home. However, her mother, Grace Tevlin, saw something special in her newborn’s beaming smile.

“That twinkle in her eye, I saw it at 2 months,” says her mom, Grace Tevlin. She told her infant daughter: “‘Let’s do this. Let’s see what you got.'”

Madison’s father, Matthew Tevlin, played a significant role in her life, providing abundant love, care, and support to his special daughter.

The strong bond between Madison and her father is evident in the deep affection she holds for him, often expressing it with the heartfelt sentiment “To the moon and back,” a phrase popularized by millennials.

Furthermore, Madison consistently celebrates her parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day, expressing gratitude for the love and encouragement they have provided throughout her life.

Madison Tevlin Parents, Matt And Grace Tevlin

The 21-year-old actress, Madison Tevlin parents, Matt and Grace Tevlin, Matt and Grace Tevlin, have been a crucial source of support and encouragement throughout her journey.

They probably got married around the year 2001. However, looking at Madison’s Instagram account, her parents have parted ways and are settled with their significant partners.

Madison Tevlin With Her Mother Grace Tevlin (Source: Facebook)

Their encouragement played a pivotal role in Madison gaining popularity worldwide.

Madison’s parents, despite any internal conflicts they may have had, prioritized their daughter’s well-being and aspirations.

Their collaborative effort in supporting Madison showcases a commendable commitment to her dreams and ambitions.

Even amid personal differences, they came together when it mattered most – in fostering Madison’s talents and providing the encouragement she needed to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Madison Tevlin’s success is not only a testament to her talent but also to the supportive foundation laid by her parents, who prioritized their daughter’s passion and potential above all else.

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How She Came To Prominence? Role Of Madison Tevlin Parents And Vocal Coach

With a passion for singing, Madison made a cover of John Legend’ song “All of me” which blew up the internet.

Madison, an ardent John Legend fan, chose to express her love for the artist and her family by performing one of his hits.

Her vocal coach, Marla Joy, played a significant role in producing the record, despite Madison facing a sinus infection on the recording day.

With the support of her parents and coach, Madison gave her best effort.

Madison embraced the recording process, stating, “I am going to go with the flow. A singer has to sing.”

The family, recognizing Madison’s extraordinary talent and resilience, uploaded the video to YouTube on January 20, 2015.

The video not only highlighted Madison’s her non deteriorating singing aspirations but also defied statistics, drawing attention to the obstacles faced by individuals with Down syndrome.

Madison Tevlin Career In Nutshell

Madison Tevlin is a Canadian actress and broadcaster known for her notable achievements in the entertainment industry.

In 2022, she hosted the CBC Gem talk show “Who Do You Think I Am?” which earned her a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Host in a Talk Show or Entertainment Series at the 11th Canadian Screen Awards in 2023.

Madison also starred in the 2023 film “Champions.”

Madison Tevlin At The Canada Screen Awards (Source: Instagram)

Madison actively challenges misconceptions about individuals with disabilities, aiming to showcase her own passions, talents, and aspirations.

Through her talk show “Who Do You Think I Am?” she interviews guests who have faced prejudice and misrepresentation, fostering a platform for important discussions on various issues.

Some of the names who have made appearance in her show, include comedian Ann Pornel, singer Tyler Shaw, actor Lane Webber, drag performer Juice Boxx, and indigenous advocate Laura Vukson.

Madison’s acting career serves as an inspiring example of breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the entertainment industry.

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