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Madeline Soto Parents: Mother Jennifer Soto And Her Boyfriend Stephan Sterns

Madeline Soto is currently missing from Monday, February 26, 2024. As for Madeline Soto parents, there is no information regarding her father yet on social media, while her mother is Jennifer.

A recently issued arrest affidavit revealed that investigators discovered incriminating evidence on the phone of Stephan Sterns, aged 37, prompting his arrest on charges of sexual battery and possessing child sexual abuse material.

Law enforcement has identified Sterns as the leading suspect in the disappearance of 13-year-old Madeline Soto, who went missing on Monday.

Stephan Sterns is romantically involved with Soto’s mother, Jennifer.

According to details from an arrest affidavit acquired by Channel 9, law enforcement revealed that Stephan Sterns performed a factory reset on his phone the day Madeline vanished.

Madeline Soto Parents: Madeline Soto Went Missing From Monday, February 26, 2024
Madeline Soto Went Missing From Monday, February 26, 2024 (Source: Fox35)

During their investigation, investigators retrieved several photos and videos showing Sterns engaging in se*ually abusing a child.

Shockingly, just hours before Stephan Sterns was arrested for se*ual assault-related charges, he appeared on Channel 9, tearfully pleading for help to locate Madeline.

Detectives noted that the actions depicted in the images and videos seemed to have occurred at the family’s residence in Kissimmee, Florida, located just south of Orlando.

Additionally, they stated that Sterns had reportedly made attempts to delete evidence from his phone.

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Madeline Soto Parents: Mother Jennifer Soto

While news about Madeline ‘Maddie’ Soto’s father is not disclosed yet on social media platforms, her mother, Jennifer Soto has been questioned several times about her daughter.

Madeline’s mother, Jenn Soto, spoke with FOX 35 on Tuesday night regarding the timeline of her daughter’s disappearance.

Madeline was last seen after being dropped off at a church near her elementary school.

According to police, surveillance footage indicates that Madeline was last seen with Sterns when he dropped her off in the parking lot of Peace United Methodist Church, which is just a few blocks away from Hunter’s Creek Middle School.

Madeline Soto Parents: The Night Before Disappearance, Maddie Celebrated Her 13th Birthday
The Night Before Disappearance, Maddie Celebrated Her 13th Birthday (Source: Fox35)

Orange County Sheriff John Mina mentioned at a press conference earlier in the week that Madeline may have felt “embarrassed” by the vehicle and requested to be dropped off there instead of at school.

The night before Maddie went missing, her family celebrated her 13th birthday on February 22nd.

According to her family, Maddie was in high spirits, eagerly showing off her gifts and expressing her happiness.

Jenn Soto, Maddie’s mother, mentioned that there were no indications throughout the evening that Maddie was engaged in any conversations or making plans for the following day, as she did not have her phone or laptop with her.

According to Jenn, surveillance footage captured Maddie in a church parking lot on February 26 after she was dropped off for school.

However, Maddie never made it inside the school building. Jenn Soto expressed a mixture of hope and fear for her daughter’s safety, emphasizing her desire for Maddie to return unharmed.

Jennifer Soto simply longs for Maddie’s safe return, regardless of the circumstances.

Who Is Stephan Sterns? Maddie’s Mother, Jennifer’s Boyfriend

Stephan Sterns is the boyfriend of Jenn Soto, the mother from Central Florida whose daughter, Madeline “Maddie” Soto, went missing earlier this week.

Reports indicate that Sterns allegedly dropped Madeline off near her school on Monday.

However, when her mother went to pick her up later that day, she discovered that Madeline hadn’t attended school at all.

Investigators have stated that Sterns is the last confirmed individual to have seen Madeline. Despite this, he is not currently facing any charges in connection to her disappearance.

Authorities have reported the discovery of several se*ually explicit images and videos on Sterns’ cell phone.

Madeline Soto Parents: Mugshot Of Stephan Sterns
Mugshot Of Stephan Sterns (Source: Fox35)

Detectives have indicated that the content suggests that the alleged actions depicted in the images and videos took place at the family’s residence in Kissimmee, located just south of Orlando.

Sterns does not have a registered criminal history as a se* offender according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s se*ual offenders and predators search.

This is his first time being booked into the Orange County jail, with only a few traffic violations on record as his previous infractions.

Regarding his employment status, it remains unclear if he is currently employed. However, it has been confirmed that he has held a real estate license since July 2013.

The state database indicates his license is currently inactive. His real estate license is registered at an address in North Port, Sarasota County, which is also the residence of his parents.

North Port Police have confirmed their assistance to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as the investigation into Madeline Soto’s disappearance expands.

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