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Who Is Kodak Black Wife? Was He Married To His Fiance Mellow Rackz?

Kodak Black, the renowned American rapper, is currently situated in the status of being unmarried and does not have a wife.

Kodak Black, born Dieuson Octave in 1997, emerged as a prominent American rapper with the breakout success of his 2014 hit “No Flockin.” After signing with Atlantic Records, the song was re-released in 2015, marking his Billboard Hot 100 debut.

Following this, “Tunnel Vision” in 2017 and the debut album “Painting Pictures” set the stage for his peak with the 2018 album “Dying to Live,” reaching the top of the Billboard 200.

However, Kodak Black’s career has been riddled with legal troubles, including a 2016 rape accusation and a 2019 arrest for false weapon statements, leading to a nearly four-year prison sentence, later commuted by President Trump in 2021.

Kodak Black An American Rapper
Kodak Black An American Rapper (Source: Instagram)

Despite setbacks, his 2022 album “Back for Everything” signaled a commercial resurgence, featuring the hit “Super Gremlin.”

With subsequent releases like “Pistolz & Pearlz” and “When I Was Dead” in 2023, Kodak Black continues to leave an indelible mark on the rap industry.

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Who Is Kodak Black Wife? Was He Married To His Fiance Mellow Rackz?

As of 2024, Kodak Black is not married, but his romantic life has been a subject of public interest. The rapper had made headlines with his engagement to fellow rapper Mellow Rackz in 2021.

The couple’s engagement was announced lavishly, with Kodak Black arranging for an airplane to carry a message proposing to Mellow Rackz.

The proposal involved a diamond ring and a sky-bound message expressing Kodak’s love and desire to marry Mellow Rackz.

However, the engagement took place in February 2021, and ended after two months, marking a brief chapter in their romantic journey.

Kodak Black His Ex-Fiance Mellow Rackz
Kodak Black His Ex-Fiance Mellow Rackz (Source: Capital XTRA)

Despite the short-lived engagement, it was during this period that Mellow Rackz embraced motherhood, giving birth to a child with Kodak Black.

The details surrounding their co-parenting arrangement and the dynamics of their relationship post-engagement remain private.

The couple’s high-profile engagement captivated the public. Although it didn’t culminate in marriage, the brief episode left a lasting impression on their followers.

The rapper’s personal life has seen its share of highs and lows, including legal issues and a recent release from prison in January 2021.

Kodak Black Throws Rocks at News Crew Moments After Jail Release

Rapper Kodak Black, recently released from a Florida jail after a two-month stint, was caught on video throwing rocks at a news crew.

The footage, aired by WPLG-TV, shows the 26-year-old artist allegedly hurling rocks at the crew just outside Broward County jail.

The incident occurred as reporters attempted to interview Kodak Black, who hid behind an air conditioner before throwing a rock, narrowly missing the photographer’s ribs.

Kodak Black Throws Rocks At News Crew
Kodak Black Throws Rocks At News Crew (Source: Instagram)

Reporter Rosh Lowe expressed the seriousness of the situation, stating that while interviewing celebrities post-jail release is common, encountering threats and rock-throwing is not.

Despite the confrontation, Kodak Black nonchalantly claimed he had been “hibernating” and later dismissed concerns, stating, “I’ve been chilling.”

The rapper, who recently pled guilty to parole violations, including failing to report police contact, left the scene without further incident.

The rapper has a history of legal troubles, including a federal weapons charge in 2019, for which he was pardoned by former President Trump in 2021.

As news of the altercation circulated, Kodak Black’s lawyer, Brad Cohen, mentioned the rapper’s commitment to donating to the college fund of the children of a Minnesota police officer killed in the line of duty, showcasing a contrasting side to the artist’s actions.

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