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Kevin Von Erich Kids: Married Life & Wife

Kevin Von Erich is an American retired professional wrestler. Two of Kevin Von Erich kids are a professional wrestler.

Kevin Ross Adkisson embarked on his wrestling journey in 1976, primarily within his father’s promotion, World Class Championship Wrestling.

Renowned for his natural athleticism and striking appearance, he swiftly rose to prominence as one of the promotion’s leading figures.

Throughout his tenure, he excelled in both singles and tag team competitions, frequently engaging in high-profile rivalries.

Notably, Kevin gained attention for his distinctive choice to wrestle barefoot, earning him the playful moniker “The Barefoot Boy” from world-class announcers.

Kevin Von Erich Kids: Kevin Von Erich, An American Retired Professional Wrestler
Kevin Von Erich, An American Retired Professional Wrestler (Source: The US Sun)

However, Kevin revealed in an interview that this trademark style was born inadvertently when his boots went missing before a match, forcing him to compete barefoot.

It’s worth noting that while Kevin initially wore boots in his early career, he later embraced wrestling without them.

Despite common misconceptions, he sported boots in matches such as his debut against Paul Perschmann and about with “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, whom he admired and even emulated with moves like the flying body splash from the top rope.

In the late 1970s, Kevin Von Erich made a significant impact in the Dallas territory wrestling scene.

His breakthrough occurred in 1978, notably when he teamed up with his younger brother David.

Together, they achieved notable success, clinching the NWA Texas Tag Team Championship twice and the NWA American Tag Team Championship.

However, it was on Christmas Day of that same year when Kevin solidified his position as a formidable singles competitor within the promotion.

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Kevin Von Erich Kids: Who Was He Married To?

On August 1, 1980, Kevin Von Erich tied the knot with Pam Adkisson. The couple resides in Hawaii and collaborates on managing a family investment enterprise.

Kevin’s ventures extend into commercial real estate, and he holds ownership of Southwest Sports, which was the distributor of World Class Championship Wrestling.

Today, the entity is recognized as K.R. Adkisson Enterprises, indicating the continued involvement of the Von Erich family in the wrestling industry and various business endeavors.

Kevin and Pam Adkisson have celebrated 43 years of marriage, during which they have lived in Hawaii and operated a family investment business together.

Kevin Von Erich Kids: Kevin Von Erich With His Wife Pam Adkisson
Kevin Von Erich With His Wife Pam Adkisson (Source: Instagram)

Their family has expanded to include four children and eleven grandchildren. Kevin’s biopic, The Iron Claw, was released on December 22, 2023.

Interestingly, while wrestling storylines may have portrayed them with two sons, in reality, their first two children were daughters named Kristen and Jillian.

Kevin and Pam decided to acquire a ranch in Kevin’s cherished home state of Texas, located just outside San Antonio.

In a narrative reminiscent of The Iron Claw’s conclusion, the film depicted all members of Kevin Von Erich’s extended family residing with him on their Hawaiian ranch, with the entire family subsequently relocating to Texas alongside Kevin and Pam.

Despite the profound sorrow the Von Erich family endured in Texas, Kevin was resolute in returning to the region he held dear.

His sons, Marshall and Ross, chose to pursue careers in professional wrestling, following in their father’s footsteps.

The two sons prominently featured in The Iron Claw were Marshall and Ross Adkisson, who are more commonly recognized by their wrestling personas, Marshall and Ross Von Erich.

Both siblings have been outspoken about rejecting the notion of the purported Von Erich curse and proudly embrace their family legacy by using the Von Erich surname.

Since 2012, the brothers have competed in various wrestling circuits worldwide, making significant appearances in renowned promotions such as Total Nonstop Action and Major League Wrestling (MLW).

Their career highlights include winning the MLW World Tag Team Championship in 2019, thereby continuing their family’s tradition of championship success.

Kevin Von Erich from “The Iron Claw”

The highly anticipated sports thriller film The Iron Claw was set to captivate audiences as it delves into the compelling story of the renowned wrestling dynasty, the Von Erich family.

Directed and written by Sean Durkin, the film chronicles the remarkable successes and profound tragedies experienced by the family, beginning with parents Fritz and Doris Adkisson and their four sons: Kerry, Kevin, David, and Mike.

Among the six Adkisson/Von Erich brothers depicted in the film, only Kevin survives to this day.

With a stellar cast bringing the family saga to life, The Iron Claw boasts Zac Efron portraying the resilient Kevin Von Erich, and Jeremy Allen White embodying the charismatic Kerry Von Erich.

Kevin Von Erich Kids: Kevin Von Erich With Zac Efron Who Portrays Him In The Movie 'The Iron Claw'
Kevin Von Erich With Zac Efron Who Portrays Him In The Movie ‘The Iron Claw’ (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Harry Dickinson portrays the beloved David Von Erich, and Stanley Simons depicts the spirited Mike Von Erich.

Maura Tierney takes on the role of the matriarch Doris Von Erich, while Holt McCallany portrays the patriarch Fritz Von Erich.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman steps into the role of Lance Von Erich, and Lily James stars as Pam Adkisson, Kevin’s wife.

The film follows the Von Erich sons as they follow in their father Fritz’s footsteps, pursuing careers in professional wrestling.

However, they are gradually ensnared by what became known as the Von Erich curse, facing challenges and tragedies that test their resilience and unity as a family.

The Iron Claw delivered a gripping portrayal of the triumphs and tribulations of one of wrestling’s most iconic families.

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