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Kelsey Small Overdose: Adam Montgomery Girlfriend Found Dead At A Motel

The untimely death of Kelsey Small, caused by a drug overdose, has left her family and friends in profound grief.

Kelsey Small, hailing from Manchester, was known for her relationship with Adam Montgomery, the father of daughter, Harmony Montgomery.

Kelsey and her boyfriend, Adam were residing in a car when he was arrested in January 2022 in connection with the disappearance of their daughter.

Kelsey Small Dies On March 13, 2022
Kelsey Small Dies On March 13, 2022 (Source: Twitter)

Even though suspicions lingered, she was not held accountable in Harmony’s case, and no charges were pressed, leaving her reputation intact. While Adam was charged with felony second-degree assault.

Small’s death in March 2022 has left her family and community in deep mourning, despite the absence of an official determination regarding the cause of her passing.

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Kelsey Small Overdose: Adam Montgomery’s Girlfriend Found Dead At A Motel

The sudden and tragic demise of Kelsey Small has left many questioning the circumstances surrounding her death.

While no official cause of death has been determined, speculation looms heavy over the possibility of a fatal drug overdose.

She was found dead in a New Hampshire hotel room on March 13, 2022. There are no indications that her death is suspicious; it seems to be a tragic accident.

Adam Montgomery's Girlfriend Was Found Dead At A Motel
Adam Montgomery’s Girlfriend Was Found Dead At A Motel (Source: Meaww)

Kelsey’s journey was fraught with struggles against substance abuse, a battle she valiantly fought for years before her untimely passing.

Her story is intertwined with her boyfriend, Adam Montgomery, a figure grappling with his addiction demons.

Their relationship, characterized by its tumultuous nature, reflects a complex interplay of love, dependency, and struggle against addiction.

For Kelsey, this connection with Adam may have served as both a source of comfort and a catalyst for her substance dependency, intensifying her reliance on drugs and alcohol.

In the months preceding her death, she found herself in the throes of poverty and homelessness.

Such conditions not only exacerbated her struggles but also rendered her more susceptible to the dangers lurking in the shadows of addiction.

The discovery of drug paraphernalia in the motel room where her body was discovered only serves to bolster the speculation surrounding a potential overdose.

It paints a grim picture of a life engulfed by the clutches of substance abuse and the harrowing realities that accompany it.

As authorities await the results of toxicology reports from the autopsy, hopes are pinned on these findings to shed light on the true cause of Kelsey’s tragic end.

The toxicology findings hold the promise of providing definitive evidence, offering a glimpse into the final moments of a life marred by hardship and addiction.

Kelsey's struggle against substance abuse was a battle fought on multiple fronts, a battle that ultimately led to her untimely demise.

Her story serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive and devastating impact of addiction, a scourge that knows no boundaries and spares no one in its path.

Harmony Montgomery’s Missing Case & Murderer

Despite vanishing in the autumn of 2019, Harmony Montgomery, just five years old at the time, remained unaccounted for, with no one raising the alarm about her absence until December 2021.

Only six months into the missing persons inquiry, the father of the young girl, Adam Montgomery, has been found guilty of her homicide.

Subsequently, he faced charges of second-degree murder, witness tampering, evidence falsification, and abuse of a corpse.

His arrest was made possible after Kayla Montgomery, his estranged wife, came forward, accusing him of fatally striking Harmony in the head after she had a bathroom accident in the car.

Adam Montgomery, Harmony Montgomery's Father Was Found Guilty For Her Murder
Adam Montgomery, Harmony Montgomery’s Father Was Found Guilty For Her Murder (Source: Nypost)

Afterward, Montgomery concealed Harmony’s body in a cooler, which he covertly stashed in his workplace freezer, later disposing of her remains at an undisclosed location in March 2020.

During the trial, his attorneys contended that Harmony died while under Kayla’s care, and Montgomery merely acquiesced to concealing the body to safeguard his and Kayla’s two infant sons.

Following this, he was found guilty of all charges, which included second-degree murder, second-degree assault, and witness tampering, concerning his daughter’s passing in December 2019.

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