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Who Is Jimmy Chang, David Chang Brother? Family & Ethnicity

David Chang brother Jimmy Chang is identified as one of his brothers within the trio of siblings.

Aged 46, David Chang is an accomplished American restaurateur, author, podcaster, and television personality, best known as the founder of the Momofuku restaurant group.

His culinary journey began in 2004 with the inauguration of his first restaurant, “Momofuku Noodle Bar.” In 2011, he added another dimension to his influence by co-founding the impactful food magazine “Lucky Peach.”

American Restaurateur And Writer, David Chang
American Restaurateur And Writer, David Chang (Source: Facebook)

Furthermore, he has also taken on the role of a guest judge in reality shows like “Top Chef: All Stars” and “Masterchef Australia.” Furthermore, he serves as the creator, host, and producer of the Netflix series “Ugly Delicious.”

As the main host on the Ringer podcast network, he presents “The Dave Chang Show” and concurrently serves as the host for the spin-off “The Recipe Club”,” where Chris Ying joins as a guest host.”

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David Chang Brother Jimmy Chang

The topic of David Chang brother has sparked conversations among fans across various online platforms.

With two older brothers and one sister, David Chang experienced his early childhood in Arlington.

Master chef David Chang, along with his brother Jimmy Chang, has been refining Chinese cuisine since 1978 and has introduced this culinary artistry to Southern California.

Together, they have showcased their culinary finesse, lifting the appreciation for Chinese cuisine to a whole new level.

The Key To David Chang's Success with Brother Jimmy
The Key To David Chang’s Success with Brother Jimmy (Source: Wired)

David and brother Jimmy’s collaboration stands as a cornerstone in the triumph of David Chang’s ventures, highlighting the natural convergence of their culinary proficiency and joint passion for food.

David Chang’s fame extends across the culinary and media landscapes, yet the pivotal role of his brother Jimmy Chang in their joint culinary odyssey remains a noteworthy aspect.

The lack of specific information regarding his sister’s and another brother’s names hints at David Chang’s intentional effort, given his media exposure, to safeguard a certain level of privacy for his siblings.

David Chang: Family & Ethnicity

Speaking of his family, David Chang, the offspring of mother Woo Chung Hi “Sherri,” and Joseph P. Chang, proudly carries his Asian ethnicity.

Chang, born on June 22, 1979, has roots in North and South Korea, as his father is from North Korea and his mother is from South Korea.

His mother’s birthplace is Kaesong, unlike his father, who was born in the capital city of Pyongyang. His father had a career in the restaurant sector and later opened his restaurant.

Chang said his mother and grandmother were “great” cooks and called her mom “the most amazing mom and toughest person I know” and “the best cook in the family.”

He was very close with his mother and shared a heartfelt tribute to his late mother, Sherri. He wrote:

My mom passed away peacefully after a 26 year battle with cancer. She so appreciated everyone’s support in her fight with cancer. She is survived by her four children and six grandkids. Our relationship with her will continue to grow. We will carry on her love, strength and kindness. I will miss her so much.

Sadly, in June 2020, Chang’s father, Joe, also passed away at the age of 78 following a courageous battle with cancer that lasted for “several years,” as disclosed by Chang.

Regarding his personal life, David is a proud father to his two sons, Hugo and Gus, whom he shares with his wife, Grace.

David Chang Family
David Chang Family (Source: Twitter)

David’s ethnic roots in Korea can be traced back to the 1960s when his parents immigrated to another country.

His ancestral story took a historical twist on the 2022 episode of Finding Your Roots, uncovering the link to Jang Bogo, a respected mariner and military leader in the Medieval Korean kingdom of Silla.

Growing up as the son of Korean immigrants, Chang encountered difficulties that included feelings of abandonment, isolation, and loneliness.

Chang’s memoir, “Eat a Peach in September,” offers an unfiltered discussion about his journey as an immigrant, his personal battles with depression, and the profound friendship he shared with Anthony Bourdain.

As a leading figure in the culinary scene, Chang’s ethnic heritage plays a pivotal role in infusing depth and richness into his creations.

Inspired by his Asian roots, he harmoniously integrates traditional flavors with inventive techniques, capturing the admiration of food enthusiasts around the globe.

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