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Jeramey Love Is Blind Cheating: Details On Alleged Infidelity

After episodes 7-9 of Love is Blind aired, viewers believe Jeramey Lutinski cheated on Laura Dadisman with Sarah Ann.

Jeramey Lutinski is a 32-year-old contestant on Love is Blind season 6 who has created quite a drama on the show with his alleged infidelity.

The show Love is Blind is like a social experiment where single people looking for love get engaged without even meeting in person and then take it forward in the show.

And after four weeks, they decide whether they want to get married or part ways.

Jeramey Love Is Blind Cheating
Jeramey Lutinski, A Contestant In Love Is Blind (Source: Instagram)

As per Lutinski, he is looking for a partner who matches his energy in the show and hopes to build a life together with them someday.

Furthermore, he says he is done with superficial dating practices on dating apps and social media. The absolute deal breaker for him in a relationship is when the other person is not genuine.

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Jeramey Love Is Blind Cheating: Details On Alleged Infidelity

The cheating suspicions began after Jeramey spent the entire night out and returned at 5 am. Laura asked him where he was since the Karaoke bar closes at 2 am.

Lutinski replies that he made last-minute changes in his plans, went to Lost and Found, and ran into Sarah Ann, with whom he had previously connected in the pods.

Furthermore, he adds that Sarah seemed upset with him, so he hung out with her to clear things out.

However, Laura doesn’t buy any of that and confronts him, saying his location was traced to the north of Uptown, where Sarah lives, instead of South End as he claimed.

To make things worse, Sarah texts Jeramey, thanking him for the “experience” they shared, and they could meet and form a connection if his mind ever shifts regarding his choices.

Jeramey Love Is Blind Cheating
Laura Reads Sarah’s Text To Jeramey (Source: Instagram)

The newly released preview clip of the upcoming episodes that will air on Wednesday, Feb 28, insinuates Jeramey and Ann’s closeness.

Regardless of all the drama and hints of infidelity, the alleged cheater has denied everything so far, so we can just wait for things to unfold in upcoming episodes.

Is Jeramey Married To Laura, Or Is He Dating Sarah Ann?

Love is Blind season 6 was filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was most likely wrapped in May 2023.

However, there is no record of Jeramey and Laura’s marriage license in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, around the time of their scheduled marriage in May.

This only means the couple ended up parting ways. However, it has yet to be aired for the March 6, 2024, season finale episode.

Jeramey Love Is Blind Cheating
Sarah Ann Blamed For Causing Problems Between Jeramey And Laura (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Lutinski and Sarah’s romantic relationship is quite hard to decipher. There is no surety on whether or not they are dating, but they are close friends. 

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