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Who Are Michael & Vinny Ricci, Italia Ricci Siblings? Parents & Family

Canadian-American actress Italia Ricci’s siblings include her brothers, Michael Ricci and Vinny Ricci.

Regarded as one of the most talented actresses internationally, Italia Ricci continues to make waves in the film industry.

Her diverse portfolio, featuring roles in numerous films and television shows, has established her as a recognizable face on the big screen.

She rose to fame by portraying April Carver in “Chasing Life” and as Siobhan Smythe / Silver Banshee in “Supergirl”. Her performance in the television drama “Designated Survivor” is also widely acknowledged.

Ricci initiated her major acting career in 2007 with her debut in the American Pie direct-to-video film, “Beta House.”

Canadian-American Actress, Italia Ricci
Canadian-American Actress, Italia Ricci (Source: IMDB)

She then continued to appear in notable series such as “Aaron Stone,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “House,” “Greek,” and “Rome in Love and Love in Winterland.”

Her recent performances include her portrayal of Dr. Sydney Burke in the 2022 TV series “The Imperfects” and Avery Quinn in “Catch Me If You Claus” in 2023.

In 2006, Ricci appeared in the music video for “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)” by Plain White T’s, portraying the role of the ex-girlfriend.

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Italia Ricci Siblings: Who Are Michael & Vinny Ricci?

Italia Ricci shares her parents with two brothers, Vince Ricci, and Mike Ricci, indicating she is not the only child in the family.

Growing up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, she shared her childhood with her two siblings. She has Vince as her older brother and Mike as the younger one in their family.

Supported by her siblings, she receives endless cheers and basks in their immense pride in her accomplishments. Though they don’t grab the spotlight like Italia, they exude their coolness differently.

Italia’s older brother, Vince Ricci, is a professional actor with a theatrical foundation from Queen’s University.

Italia Ricci Has Two Siblings
Italia Ricci With Her Siblings Vince Ricci And Mike Ricci (Source: Facebook)

After completing theater school, Vince obtained his teaching certification but continued pursuing his passion within the entertainment industry.

Beyond his acting career, he reflects his Canadian heritage through his profound love for hockey and winter sports.

On the other side, Mike is recognized for his passion for sports, particularly hockey. His athleticism and supportive nature shine through as he never fails to bring laughter to Italia in her times of need.

Although limited details are known about Italia’s brothers, the trio shares a deep connection and offers constant support to one another.

Vince and Mike, Italia’s most ardent supporters, play a vital role in her success in acting by offering boundless love and support, cheering her on from behind the scenes.

Italia Ricci Parents & Family

Born on October 29, 1986, Italia Ricci’s parents are Nick Ricci and Terry Lee Ricci.

The actress, aged 37, was born Stephanie-Italia Ricci and originated from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. She proudly embraces her Italian heritage.

Italia spent her childhood in her birthplace, alongside her two brothers, under the care of her family.

She opted to study at the University of Toronto’s law school after high school but left her academic path to pursue a career in acting.

She graduated from Queen’s University and devoted her time to charitable efforts, notably supporting organizations like Water Can, which creates waterholes in Africa.

She frequently reflects on how her family has molded her into who she is today and acknowledges their love and support as guiding lights during difficult moments.

Italia Ricci And Her Husband, Robbie Amell
Italia Ricci With Her Husband, Robbie Amell (Source: Instagram)

Italia Ricci, who is a mother of one child, exchanged vows with Robbie Amell on October 15, 2016. Their relationship, which began in July 2008, led to an engagement on August 19, 2014.

Italia Ricci’s better half, Robbie Amell is a Canadian-American actor and producer, best known for his work in “The Tomorrow People,” “The Flash,” and “Upload.” Robbie is the son of Josephine “Jo” Burden and Robert Patrick “Rob” Amell III.

Ricci and Amell obtained United States citizenship in January 2020. Their first child, son Robert Amell V, was born on September 12, 2019.

Baby Robert’s name was lovingly selected after his paternal grandfather, reflecting family love and tradition.

Italia shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram, with a touching caption: “Today we welcome Robert Amell V into the world but also find out that being triple extra pregnant increases your odds of birthing Gollum.”

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