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Is Karolina Shiino Japanese? Parents & Ethnicity: Affair With A Married Man

Karolina Shiino is a Ukrainian-born Japanese who recently made headlines as the winner of the 2024 Miss Nippon Grand Prix beauty pageant.

Her modeling journey began at the tender age of fifteen, ignited by her mother’s unwavering support and passion for beauty pageants.

Is Karolina Shiino Japanese?
Ukrainian-Born Japanese Model Karolina Shiino (Source: Instagram)

During high school, Karolina Shiino consistently attended walking lessons weekly, revealing her dedication to her passion for the competitive modeling industry.

She has identified her own special area within the modeling industry, primarily centered around commercials and fashion shoots.

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Karolina Shiino Parents & Ethnicity: Is Karolina Shiino Japanese?

Karolina Shiino, born on August 24, 1997, to Ukrainian parents, obtained Japanese citizenship through naturalization in 2022 and is considered non-ethnically Japanese.

Expressing her sense of being Japanese in both “speech and mind,” Shiino has recounted enduring commentary about looking different during her upbringing.

Hailing from Ternopil, Ukraine, Shiino, at age 5, relocated to Nagoya, Japan, with her mother, Svitlana, who married a Japanese man, initiating Shiino’s multicultural upbringing.

The information regarding her biological father remains undisclosed. Svitlana, her mother, is professionally recognized as a model and has won numerous contests.

The influence and support of Svitlana Shiino have been crucial in Carolina’s personal and professional endeavors, demonstrating the close relationship shared between mother and daughter.

Karolina Shiino, Grandmother, Maria Is From Ukraine
Karolina Shiino, Grandmother, Maria Is From Ukraine (Source: Instagram)

Maria, her maternal grandmother, immigrated to Japan in the spring of 2022 after fleeing Ukraine as a refugee due to the Russian invasion.

Her ethnicity comprises an intriguing blend of Ukrainian and Japanese heritage, defining her identity and shaping her distinct perspective and life experiences, thus revealing the depth and richness of her multicultural background.

Originating from Ukraine, Shiino’s lineage extends into Eastern Europe, enriching her cultural composition with diverse influences.

Her journey from Ukraine to Japan, guided by the love and backing of her parents, exemplifies the fusion of different cultures and the transformative power of familial relationships in shaping one’s growth.

Even though she has spent most of her life in Japan, she still holds a deep respect and connection to her Ukrainian heritage.

There has been recent discussion surrounding Karolina's Ukrainian background, particularly in light of her victory in the Miss Japan competition.

According to reports, on Monday, January 22, Shiino delivered her acceptance speech at the Miss Japan Grand Prix platform fluently in Japanese.

During her speech, she stated:

I live as a Japanese person, but there have been racial barriers and many instances where I wasn’t accepted. I’ve had to face barriers that often prevent me from being accepted as Japanese, so I am filled with gratitude to be recognised at this competition as a Japanese person.

She elaborated further, stating her ambition to build a society where “people are not judged by their appearance” and reaffirmed her Japanese identity, both verbally and mentally.

Karolina Shiino Affair With A Married Man

Karolina Shiino, the winner of the Miss Japan beauty pageant, has stepped down from her title following reports alleging her involvement in an affair with a married man, Takuma Maeda.

Reports from a local magazine suggest that there is an alleged affair between Karolina and a married influencer and doctor, Takuma Maeda. The man implicated in the affair has refrained from making any public statements.

Initially, the pageant organizers supported Shiino, insisting that she was unaware of her lover’s marital status.

However, on Monday (February 5, 2024), reports emerged indicating that she confessed to knowing about the man’s marriage and family.

Karolina Shiino Has Affair With A Married Man, Takuma Maeda
Karolina Shiino Allegedly Has And Affair With A Married Man, Takuma Maeda (Source: Liputan6)

Following that, she issued an apology for providing misleading information and urged the organizers to accept her resignation from the title.

In her apology statement, Karolina sincerely apologized for the substantial trouble she had caused and for betraying those who supported her. She explained that her lies were a result of fear and panic.

Although there were several runners-up, the Miss Japan title will remain vacant for the rest of the year.

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