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Is Baron Trump Autistic? Does Donald and Melania Trump’s Son Have Autism?

While rumors suggest that Donald and Melania Trump’s son, Baron Trump, is autistic, there are currently no official medical confirmations to support this claim.

Barron, aka Baron Trump, is the youngest child of the 45th president of the U.S., Donald Trump.

He was born on March 20, 2006, grew up in a penthouse in New York, and attended a private school in West New York.

The youngest Baron is most protected and makes fewer public appearances than his half-siblings: Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr., Eric, and Tiffany.

Baron Trump Autistic
Son Of Donald Trump And Melania TrumpBaron (Source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, his privacy is kept as discrete as possible, so much so that Baron didn’t appear to be by Donald’s side in his presidential presidency.

Trump’s youngest moved into the White House in 2017 after enrolling in Maryland’s St. Andrew’s Episcopal School.

As per Donald Trump, Barron is a very good kid and a very good athlete. He also talked about his son’s good looks and academic excellence.

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Is Baron Trump Autistic? Does Donald and Melania Trump’s Son Have Autism?

The rumors about Baron Trump being autistic have been around since 2016, following a YouTube video suggesting he might have autism.

An autistic man named Hunter posted a video where Baron was seen exhibiting a few autistic characteristics, like “moving erratically” as he clapped.

Furthermore,  the video showed him walking “wobbly” and “making strange movements” while he sat, indicating a “lack of social skills and understanding.”

Moreover, there was a chart in the video that suggested because Donald had Baron at the age of 60, there is a likelihood of autism.

Baron Trump’s mother, Melania Trump, was not very pleased with it and had her lawyer threaten Hunter.

Melania Trump And Her Son Baron Trump
Melania Trump And Her Son Baron Trump (Source: Pinterest)

Reportedly, Hunter was blamed for bullying a ten-year-old child and his parents despite keeping the #stopbullying in the video.

However, the video was removed from YouTube when Melania’s lawyer reached out. Also, the video creator was quick to come forward and apologize.

He said he never had intentions of hurting anyone and never meant it to be a “bullying video.”

Even after all the YouTube drama, people still question Baron’s autism. However, there is no concrete evidence yet, so no one should be speculating and making claims based on rumors.

Trump Found Liable For Sexual Abuse

An advice columnist, E. Jean Carroll, blamed Donald Trump for r*ping her in 1996. However, jurors rejected the r*pe claim and charged Trump for sexual abuse. 

Furthermore, jurors found Trump liable for defaming the columnist as he dismissed and made fun of her allegations for years.

Baron Trump Autistic
E. Jean Carroll Sexually Abused By Donald Trump (Source: Pinterest)

For the sexual abuse, Carroll was awarded $5 million by Donald Trump. After the verdict, Jean Carroll was seen laughing and shedding tears of happiness as she finally got justice.

Likewise, Trump’s lawyer was seen shaking hands with Carroll and hugging her lawyer.

However, Trump, on the other hand, was quick to express his dissatisfaction, claimed he did not know Carroll, and referred to the verdict as a “disgrace.”

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