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Is Alaqua Cox An Amputee? Bullied For Prosthetic Leg & Deafness Growing Up

Alaqua Cox, an amputee who uses a prosthetic leg, skillfully incorporates it into her character’s battles.

Just like her on-screen persona, she’s conquering challenges and transforming disabilities into strengths.

Her breakthrough came on December 3, 2020, when she debuted as Echo in “Hawkeye.”

Before acting, she faced challenges working in Amazon and FedEx warehouses. In 2024, she leads the spin-off series “Echo.”

American Actress, Alaqua Cox
American Actress, Alaqua Cox (Source: Instagram)

Born on February 13, 1997, to parents, Elena and Bill Cox, Alaqua has been deaf since birth.

Hailing from the Menominee Indian Reservation in Keshena, Wisconsin, she proudly embraces her heritage in both the Menominee and Mohican nations.

Growing up on the Menominee Indian Reservation in northeast Wisconsin, spanning 358 square miles, Cox cherished moments with her siblings Will, Jordan, and Katie.

Cox shares about her family, mentioning her hearing family and deaf little brother. They all use sign language and are close-knit.

From 2014 to 2015, she excelled in basketball and volleyball at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf.

On Mother’s Day 2023, she happily announced expecting a son with fiancé Erich, and he was born in October.

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Is Alaqua Cox An Amputee?

Alaqua Cox has a prosthetic leg, but the reasons for her amputation are not publicly known.

Despite being deaf since birth, she faces various challenges, including the undisclosed details about losing her leg.

Despite these challenges, Cox, who plays Echo, actively participates in her own stunts, demonstrating a strong commitment to her work.

Her inspiring story as a deaf and amputee actress in the Marvel Cinematic Universe motivates many.

Breaking barriers and defying stereotypes, she shows that determination and resilience can overcome any obstacle.

Alaqua Cox Reprises Her Role As Maya Lopez In The 2024 Series Echo
Alaqua Cox Reprises Her Role As Maya Lopez In The 2024 Series Echo (Source: Yahoo)

With Echo, Cox is making history on TV by being the first Marvel series to feature a deaf, Native American superhero.

This groundbreaking moment is paving the way for better representation of Indigenous, deaf, and disabled communities.

She enthusiastically shares being part of this historic moment feels amazing. She also stated

“I love proving people wrong. I’m so happy that Indigenous people are showing our authentic stories and breaking down barriers. I grew up never seeing myself represented on the screen. I’m excited for audiences — kids especially — to see people like me with different disabilities or diversities on TV so that they understand they are beautiful just the way they are.

Looking back, she confesses she initially thought Marvel might not be interested in having an amputee woman because you hardly see amputees on TV.

Despite this initial doubt, Cox is now fully embracing the opportunity.

Bullied For Prosthetic Leg & Deafness Growing Up

Opting to keep her leg amputation private, Alaqua Cox encountered challenges at a regular school where there were no American Sign Language classes.

She explained:

“There was no awareness about deaf culture at all”. “I got bullied for being deaf and an amputee, and I would complain, but the district wouldn’t listen.”

Cox’s education took a positive turn in the eighth grade as she traveled over 50 miles to a high school outside her reservation.

The introduction of a dedicated program for the deaf and skilled sign-language interpreters greatly improved her learning environment.

Born Deaf, Alaqua Cox Is An Amputee
Born Deaf, Alaqua Cox Is An Amputee (Source: Variety)

As an amputee with a prosthetic leg, Cox is steadfast in rejecting the idea that disabilities should define her or stand in her way.

Whether as a deaf and amputee actress or rising as a Marvel star, Alaqua Cox’s journey highlights her incredible strength and resilience.

Her optimistic attitude toward her prosthetic leg reflects her commitment to embracing diversity and advocating for inclusivity in the entertainment industry.

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