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Iris Apatow Net Worth: How Rich Is The American Actress? Parents & Sister

Iris Apatow, the American actress, boasts a commendable net worth estimated at $3 million.

Iris Apatow, born on October 12, 2002, has established herself as a prominent American actress with a burgeoning career.

Beginning at the age of 5, she made her debut in her father’s film, Knocked Up, and later collaborated in projects like This is 40 and Funny People.

Iris Apatow An American Actress
Iris Apatow An American Actress (Source: Instagram)

Iris gained widespread recognition for her role as Arya Hopkins in the Netflix series Love (2016–2018).

Her versatility shone through in the animated film Sausage Party (2016), where she provided voices for various characters.

In 2022, she starred as Krystal Kris in The Bubble, a Netflix film directed and co-written by her father, Judd Apatow.

Beyond her on-screen success, Iris Apatow’s personal life, including her relationships and friendships with notable figures like Olivia Rodrigo, Charli D’Amelio, and Avani Gregg, has also captivated media attention.

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Iris Apatow Net Worth: How Rich Is The American Actress?

Iris Apatow, the American actress and model, has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in Hollywood, raising curiosity about her financial standing.

As of 2023, Iris Apatow’s net worth is estimated to be a commendable $3 million, a testament to her success in the entertainment industry.

Her early breakthrough came at the age of seven in the hit comedy film “Knocked Up” (2007), where she shared the screen with her sister and mother.

Iris has since showcased her versatility in genres, portraying roles in films like “This Is 40” (2012) and “Funny People” (2009), displaying a captivating blend of natural talent and emotional depth.

Iris Apatow With Her Parents
Iris Apatow With Her Parents (Source: HELLOMagazine)

Beyond acting, Iris Apatow has ventured into modeling, gracing campaigns for various fashion brands, adding another dimension to her career.

With an active presence on Instagram as @irisapatow, she continues to engage with her fans, who eagerly anticipate her upcoming projects.

Iris Apatow’s journey to a $3 million net worth not only highlights her financial success but also underscores her undeniable impact on the entertainment landscape.

Iris Apatow Parents & Sister

Iris Apatow, the emerging American actress and model, hails from a lineage deeply rooted in the entertainment industry.

Her parents, actress Leslie Mann and filmmaker Judd Apatow have not only crafted successful careers individually but have also created a familial synergy that resonates on and off-screen.

Leslie Mann, known for her versatile performances in comedies like “Knocked Up” and “This Is 40,” brings a blend of humor and authenticity to the Apatow family legacy.

Meanwhile, Judd Apatow, a renowned director, writer, and producer, has shaped numerous hit comedies, earning accolades for his contributions to the cinematic landscape.

Iris shares this creative milieu with her older sister, Maude Apatow, born on December 15, 1997.

Iris Apatow With Her Older Sister Maude Apatow
Iris Apatow With Her Older Sister Maude Apatow (Source: Instagram)

The sibling duo has notably collaborated on their father’s projects, showcasing their chemistry in films like “Funny People” and “Knocked Up.”

As Maude forges her path in Hollywood, starring in prominent roles such as HBO’s “Euphoria” and the Off-Broadway production of “Little Shop of Horrors,” the Apatow sisters exemplify a shared passion for the arts.

The family’s connection extends beyond professional collaborations, as evidenced by their joint appearances at events like the premiere of “Welcome To Marwen” and the HBO Max “Euphoria” FYC event.

The Apatow quartet, comprising Judd, Leslie, Maude, and Iris, radiates warmth and camaraderie, capturing the essence of a family deeply connected through their love for storytelling.

As Iris Apatow continues to navigate her burgeoning career, the unwavering support and creative synergy within her family undoubtedly contribute to her success.

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