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Gabby Petito Wikipedia: Who Are Her Parents Joe Petito And Nichole Schmidt?

Gabby Petito was an adventurous soul who sadly went missing after a cross-country trip with her fiancé.

Gabby embodied an adventurous spirit, evident through her vibrant presence on social media.

She regularly shared captivating photos and videos documenting her journeys and escapades, showcasing her zest for life and exploration.

Petito garnered widespread media attention upon her disappearance during a trip with her fiancé: Brian Laundrie.

Gabby Petito Wikipedia
Gabby Petito With Brian Laundrie (Source: BBC)

Gabby’s last post was on 24th August, which featured herself in front of a butterfly mural with a small knitted pumpkin with the caption “Happy Halloween.”

Her mother reported her missing on September 11, 2021, having not heard from her since late August.

The case took a tragic turn on September 19, as authorities discovered human remains that matched the description of Gabby Petito.

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Gabby Petito Wikipedia: Who Are Her Parents Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt?

Gabriella Venora Petito was born on March 19, 1999. Petito graduated from Bayport-Blue Point High School in New York.

In her social media posts, she expresses her interest in travel, art, yoga, and veggies. Additionally, she shared her travel experiences on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

Gabby had worked as a hostess and also a kitchen aid. Later, she held a job as a pharmacy technician.

Gabby Petito Wikipedia
Gabby Petito With Her Parents (Source: The Us Sun)

Gabby was the cherished eldest daughter of Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt, with six younger siblings and half-siblings.

Gabby’s parents are separated. Joe is married to Tara Petito, while Nichole is married to her husband, Jim Schmidt.

Following the heartbreaking disappearance of their daughter, Gabby, her parents devoted all their efforts to finding their beloved daughter.

Relationship With Brain And The Murder Of Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito was engaged to Brian Laundrie. They began their cross- country trip on July 2, 2021.

Their relationship seemed a familiar romantic trajectory, marked by shared adventures and explorations.

Yet, hidden beneath their cheerful exterior, something ominous loomed on the horizon.

On September 11th, Gabby’s mother reported her missing after days of no contact, with Brian being the major suspect.

Shortly after, on the 19th, her remains were discovered near the Wyoming campsite, and her death resulted from strangulation and blunt force trauma to her head and neck.

Many volunteers, including law enforcement, joined in the search for Brian, and tragically, on October 20th, they discovered his skeletal remains in a park; he had taken his own life using a gun.

Investigators confirmed him as Gabby’s killer after discovering his notebook beside him containing a confession to her murder.

Brian Laundrie Mother’s “Burn After Reading” Letter Discovered

During the investigation into Gabby’s murder, police discovered that Brian had called his parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, on August 29th, just two days after the incident.

When questioned, Chris Laundrie stated that Brian was in a frantic state and had said, “Gabby’s gone.”

This grew suspicions and Gabby’s parents expressed that Brian’s parents were already aware of their daughter’s murder.

The suspicion heightened upon the discovery of a letter written by Brian’s mother, with the letter reading:

Gabby Petito Wikipedia
Letter Written To Brian By His Mother (Source: CNN)

In the letter’s conclusion, she asked Brian to burn the letter after reading. Roberta Laundrie clarified that the letter was unrelated to Petito and was written before the couple’s cross-country trip.

However, the Petito family has filed lawsuits against them and want the Laundrie family to feel the same pain they have endured.

Gabby’s funeral was held in Long Island. A poem was distributed to attendees at her funeral based on her tattoo with the phrase “Let it be.”

A portion of it reads, “Perhaps my time seemed too brief. Do not lengthen it with undue grief. Lift up your hearts and share with me the memories that will always be.”

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