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The Founder Of Tree Teepee Johnny George Net Worth: What Is He Doing Now?

Tree T-Pee’s net worth exceeds $50 million, while the product’s owner, Johnny George, is currently collaborating with John Paul DeJoria to promote the product.

Johnny Georges, the creator of the tree T-Pee, which is a product of GSI Supply, Inc., founded the company on March 2, 2005.

The Tree T-Pee is a cone-shaped system made from 100% recycled plastics in the U.S., designed to contain water and nutrients for trees aged 1-5 years.

A straightforward plastic implement, Tree T Pee is attached to the base of trees. It enables farmers to diminish irrigation water consumption from 25,000 gallons per tree annually to just 800 gallons.

Johnny Georges, The Owner And Inventor Of The Tree T-Pee
Johnny Georges, The Owner And Inventor Of The Tree T-Pee (Source: Valdostadailytimes)

Known widely as Rick Georges’ son, he inherited the legacy of his father, who revolutionized the irrigation industry with the micro-sprinkler invention.

He joined Georges Enterprises Inc., working alongside his father, Rick, for more than two decades as a Foreman, where he gained firsthand experience in engineering, irrigation installation, well drilling, and pump and motor installation.

His rise to immense fame began with his appearance on “Shark Tank” during Season 5.

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The Founder Of Tree Teepee Johnny George Net Worth

As of 2024, Johnny George, the self-entrepreneur and creator of Tree T-Pee, is estimated to have a net worth of $10 million while Tree T-Pee is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million.

The success of the product is attributed to its effectiveness in water conservation and crop enhancement, prompting farmers worldwide to adopt it extensively.

With the rising emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection, Tree T Pee’s net worth is projected to continue increasing in the future.

The credit for his remarkable net worth figure goes to his successful invention of the Tree T-Pee, which has been widely recognized and embraced by the agricultural community.

Johnny Georges Has Made An Impressive Net Worth From The Sale Of Tree T-Pee
Johnny Georges Has Made An Impressive Net Worth From The Sale Of Tree T-Pee (Source: Inspiremore)

He has also been actively engaged in diverse philanthropic endeavors, which include donating Tree T-Pee systems to farmers in need and advocating for sustainable agriculture practices.

Although Johnny is best recognized for his invention of the Tree T-Pee, he is also engaged in other agricultural pursuits, such as farming and consulting.

In the 7th episode of the fifth season of the television show “Shark Tank,” he presented an investment opportunity of $150,000 for a 20% ownership stake in his company, implying a valuation of $750,000 for his firm.

Following John Paul DeJoria’s guidance, the Tree T Pee proprietor has upped the product price to $8 per unit, up from the original $4.50, resulting in a profit of just $1.55 per sale.

Johnny George had sold 125,000 units of his product before his 2013 Shark Tank pitch. After his initial launch, he saw a sudden spike in sales overnight, and the upward trend has remained consistent.

The two partners launched a campaign to distribute their Tree T Pee product in 80 countries.

Johnny George In Shark Tank Season 5

Johnny Georges’ breakthrough occurred in November 2013 when he appeared on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Season 5, ultimately securing a deal with entrepreneur and philanthropist John Paul Dejoria.

He brought his dream of helping American farmers and presented his “Tree T-Pee” invention to the five panels.

The Tree T-Pee, an agribusiness water containment system, achieves a remarkable 3000 percent water conservation through micro-sprinklers and offers frost protection with its cone-shaped tree guard, all constructed from recycled plastic and placed at the tree base.

Once Johnny elucidated the meaning and functionality of the Tree T-Pee, the panels commenced their inquiries.

Johnny Georges Appeared In Shark Tank Season 5
Johnny Georges Appeared In Shark Tank Season 5 (Source: Businessinsider)

Among the questions posed, one particularly stood out: why opt for a lower price point when a higher one could yield greater profits and benefits?

Although it may seem that many farmers or consumers could afford it, Johnny had a different perspective. He explained, emphasizing that his objectives weren’t solely centered on profit, but also aimed at benefiting his fellow farmers throughout America.

Following a heartfelt deliberation, John Paul DeJoria, one of the panel members, openly expressed his support for Johnny. He extended an offer to serve as Johnny’s advisor and business partner.

Johnny felt incredibly fortunate, and in the end, he expressed his gratitude:

My father made me what I am. We worked hard every day, thank God, I worked with him. He is an innovator, he taught me everything I know. It was hard on us, we owe nothing to anyone, and life is what we do.

As of now, Johnny George and John Paul DeJoria are collaborating to market Tree T Pee, which is currently priced at $9.95 on the company’s website, treetpee.com.

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