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Eric Mays Wife: All About Megan Ritchie? Kids, Family, & Net Worth

The American entrepreneur, businessman, and investor Eric Mays wife was Megan Ritchie. They shared a life together and had three children.

Eric Mays was born into a middle-class family on September 16, 1958, in Flint, Michigan. He pursued a business degree from the University of Southern California.

Mays embarked on a journey into entrepreneurship and investment, finding success in various business ventures and startups.

Elected as the Third-term Flint Councilman in 2013, he gained prominence during the Flint water crisis as one of the first officials to question the water quality. 

Despite facing controversy, including an incident where he gave a Nazi salute during a meeting, Mays ran for mayor in 2015 and served as the vice president of the Flint City Council.

Eric Mays As Flint City Council President (Source: Reddit)

His political career, marked by both accomplishments and challenges, left a lasting impact on the community.

Beyond politics, Mays was recognized for his philanthropic endeavors, dedicating time and resources to various causes.

He passed away at the age of 65, leaving behind a legacy of service, controversy, and advocacy for the residents of Flint. He is fondly remembered for his bold and courageous contributions to the city.

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Eric Mays Wife: Who Was He Married To? Kids, Family

Eric Mays, a successful entrepreneur and devoted family man, was married to Megan Ritchie, with whom he shared three kids. However, specific details about his children’s names and professions are not publicly available.

Mays’ wife Megan Ritchie largely kept her family life private and avoided media attention, especially after allegedly receiving abuse and threats from Mays’ detractors.

Despite their not-so-good relationship, Mays was actively involved in his children’s lives, cherishing the moments spent with them.

From helping with homework to attending their school events and extracurricular activities, he took pleasure in teaching his children valuable life lessons and instilling important values that would shape their future.

Eric Mays When He Was Sentenced To Jail (Source: MLive)

Similarly, Megan Ritchie as a wife, she was a constant source of encouragement and stability for Mays.

She supported her husband’s political career and his outspokenness on issues affecting the people of Flint. 

She stood by his side during court hearings, defended him against critics, and assisted him with his campaign and community engagement initiatives.

Eric Mays Net Worth

Eric Mays, until his passing on February 24, 2024, was a highly successful American investor and trader, boasting an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million.

The primary sources of his substantial income were derived from his role as a city council member and engagements in public speaking.

As a city council member and public speaker, he annually earned around $70,000, making him able to provide for his family.

Eric Mays As A City Council Member (Source: WEYI)

This yearly income breaks down to around $5,833 per month, translating to approximately $1,346 per week.

The accumulation of his considerable net worth was attributed to strategic investments in emerging startups, real estate ventures, and media enterprises. 

His diverse investment portfolio played a significant role in building and sustaining his substantial net worth until his demise in 2024.

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