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Danny Mullen Ex-Girlfriend Mia Gibbs: Exposes Her Ex-Boyfriend And The Reason Behind Their Breakup

Mia Gibbs, formerly Danny Mullen’s girlfriend, is now his ex-girlfriend as they have split up and ended their relationship.

Born on November 20, 1989, Danny Mullen, a native of the United States, is best known for his role as a YouTuber and comedian. He is admired for his comedic and offbeat content on his YouTube channel.

Celebrated as a digital creator, he showcases humorous content on his YouTube channel, exploring diverse subjects such as “on the street” style interviews, sketches, and edgy questionnaires.

American YouTuber And Comedian, Danny Mullen
American YouTuber And Comedian, Danny Mullen (Source: Instagram)

He is also known for his collaborative spirit, frequently teaming up with other YouTubers to create a dynamic group in his videos.

He also serves as a co-host on The Leo & Danny Show podcast, where he engages in discussions with guests covering a variety of topics.

His YouTube videos, which feature pranks, interviews, and amusing social experiments, have attracted a loyal audience eager to learn more about his personal life.

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Danny Mullen Ex-Girlfriend

People often inquire about Danny Mullen’s relationship status, wondering if he is single or dating, and who his girlfriend is. Danny Mullen ex-girlfriend was Mia Gibbs.

While the specifics of their love journey remain undisclosed, followers have gleaned fragments of their story from Danny’s past YouTube content and social media updates.

As their relationship flourished, they started revealing more moments on camera, providing viewers with a peek into their shared adventures.

Although she isn’t visible on Mullen’s Instagram nowadays, you can find plenty of her pictures in his earlier posts, primarily from 2022.

Mia is active on Instagram at (@miagibbs), but her account is currently private. She has been featured in numerous of Danny’s YouTube videos.

Danny Mullen Kissing His Ex-Girlfriend Mia Gibbs
Danny Mullen Kissing His Ex-Girlfriend Mia Gibbs (Source: Tvinformer)

Danny Mullen’s dating history has been relatively low-profile. While he has had a few relationships, he has chosen to keep much of his personal life private.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Danny Mullen’s girlfriend and her personal life as she has chosen not to share any details.

With an introverted personality, Mia deliberately keeps her personal life out of the spotlight, which naturally garners attention due to her association with Danny.

Moreover, it has been noted that a considerable number of Reddit users speculate they have already parted ways. In Reddit discussions, Mia was often singled out as the one responsible for their breakup.

During the discussion, a user commented:

“Age gap most likely. Mia is a whore and probably thinks it’s too early to settle down with one guy and instead wants to ‘have fun and find herself’ like a lot of girls her age say. Although that just means ‘I want to fuck other people.'”

Another user commented:

“Bad relationship all around. He got the hot young girl he always wanted, but she was too much of an empty vessel. She’s young and doesn’t know what she wants yet.”

Mia Gibbs Exposes Her Ex-Boyfriend And The Reason Behind Their Breakup

Danny Mullen, the former boyfriend of Mia Gibbs, is making headlines following his recent appearance on Adam22’s podcast.

The conversation between Adam22 and Mullen addressed the incident when Adam and Mullen’s girlfriend engaged in intimate activity while Mullen was in the other room.

Danny didn’t hesitate to talk openly about his girlfriend’s involvement with Adam22 during Adam22’s podcast.

Danny Mullen Participated In Adam22's Podcast
Danny Mullen Participated In Adam22’s Podcast (Source: Listennotes)

Their relationship doesn’t seem typical, especially after Adam22’s podcast where it was disclosed that Adam and Mia engaged in intimacy while Mullen was in another room.

Following the exposure of Adam’s actions, it’s believed to be the main reason for their breakup.

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