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Danny Masterson Ethnicity: Race, Origin & Parents Background

Concerning his ethnicity, Danny Masterson identifies with his Irish heritage, tracing it back to his family lineage.

Danny Masterson, a renowned American actor and entrepreneur, gained fame for his portrayal of Steven Hyde in “That ’70s Show,” Milo Foster in “Men at Work,” and Jameson ‘Rooster’ Bennett in “The Ranch.”

His career took flight at the age of four when he entered the world of child modeling, gradually transitioning into television commercials by age five. By eight, he was already captivating audiences in musicals and diving into acting roles.

Aside Being An Actor, Danny Masterson Is Also A DJ
Aside Being An Actor, Danny Masterson Is Also A DJ (Source: Instagram)

Following his debut as Seth in the 1993 film “Beethoven’s 2nd,” he went on to star in various movies and series such as “The Chicago 8,” “The Bridge to Nowhere,” “The Brooklyn Heist,” “Dracula 2000,” “NYPD Blue,” “Extreme,” and others.

Additionally, he is a disc jockey known for his performances in Los Angeles under the moniker DJ Mom Jeans, where he produces indie, electro, and funk music.

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Danny Masterson Ethnicity: Race, Origin & Parents Background

Danny Masterson, born on March 13, 1976, is the son of Peter Masterson and Carol Masterson. While his racial identity is White, his ethnic heritage is predominantly Irish, a lineage he inherits from his parents who are of Irish descent.

Additionally, he possesses at least one-eighth of German ancestry from his grandparents. In tracing his familial roots, Masterson’s grandparents are instrumental in forming his diverse ethnic ancestry.

Delving into the origins of his grandparents, his paternal grandfather, Frank J. Masterson, was born in New York to Irish parents, while his paternal grandmother, Dorothy Boylan, hailed from New York as well.

Danny Masterson And His Mother, Carol
Danny Masterson And His Mother, Carol (Source: Yahoo)

Dorothy was the daughter of Peter J. Boylan and Mary Renz, with Peter tracing his lineage to Irish parents, Dennis Boylan and Annie, and Mary having German ancestry.

On the maternal side, his grandfather Francis Bernard Nicholson likely had Irish roots, despite having grandparents, Henry Nicholson and Ella, born in England.

As for his maternal grandmother, Helen Teresita McCormick, her origins remain to be fully explored.

Thus, Masterson’s ethnicity reflects a rich tapestry of Irish, German, and potentially English heritage, contributing to his multifaceted identity.

Danny comes from a close-knit family, cherishing her relationships with his siblings.

Growing up alongside his younger brother, Christopher Masterson, in Long Island, New York, he was immersed in a family environment where his father worked as an insurance agent and his mother managed a company.

The family dynamic expanded as Danny had three half-siblings: Alanna, Jordan, and Will Masterson. Will shares a paternal lineage with Danny and Christopher, while Alanna and Jordan are maternal half-siblings.

Despite the variations in their family structure, Danny’s upbringing was marked by a sense of adventure and rebellion.

At the age of 15, in the absence of his parents, he routinely borrowed his stepfather’s Thunderbird Super Coupe, immersing himself in the beats of Cypress Hill as he partook in daily taxi races on the bustling streets of Manhattan.

Danny Masterson’s Prison Transfer After Rape Verdict

Following his conviction on rape charges, Danny Masterson has been moved to the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo. The California Men’s Colony consists of two distinct complexes, namely the East Facility and the West Facility.

Following his 30-years-to-life sentence, he spent several weeks in LA County lockup and the North Kern state prison intake facility before being transferred to Corcoran, which accommodates some of the state’s most hardened criminals.

Danny Masterson Is A Convicted Rapist
Danny Masterson Is A Convicted Rapist (Source: Instagram)

Masterson’s parole eligibility is set for 2042, and according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s website, he has a tentative parole board consultation scheduled for May 2038.

In 2023, Masterson was convicted of two rapes he committed in 2003, resulting in a prison sentence of 30 years to life.

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