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Dani Bowman Parents: Myrna Vielma And Robert Bowman

Dani Bowman parents are Robert Bowman and Myrna Vielma, however, she left her parents at an early age and started living with her uncle and aunt.

The incredibly talented animator and artist credits much of her success and passion for art to her supportive and loving uncle and aunt.

Dani Bowman’s uncle and aunt Patrick and Sandra, have played an important role in developing her artistic ability and helping her in overcoming challenges.

Dani Bowman Parents
Talented Animator, Artist, & Entrepreneur Dani Bowman (Source: Instagram)

Dani Bowman, born on September 19, 1994, was diagnosed with autism at a young age. She has encountered many obstacles, but she persists in overcoming them to become an accomplished artist, animator, and public speaker.

Dani showed an immense passion for animation and painting from a young age. She started drawing when she was two years old, and by the time she was five, she had started going to art lessons to improve her abilities.

Her love of painting only grew, and at the age of eleven, she founded DaniMation Entertainment intending to produce animated content.

Dani’s exceptional talent and dedication quickly drew the attention of industry professionals, earning her first professional animation contract at 14.

Moreover, following her appearance in the Netflix documentary series “Love On the Spectrum US,” Bowman gained fame in May 2022.

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Dani Bowman Parents: Myrna Vielma And Robert Bowman

Robert Bowman and Myrna Vielma are Dani Bowman parents. Unfortunately, her parents parted ways, and reportedly, their relationship started becoming cold around 2005-06, leading her to live with her uncle and aunt.

On Facebook, Abbey frequently posts pictures with her mother, portraying a close and supportive relationship.

However, her connection with her father appears distant and strained, especially after her parents’ separation. It seems that her father has become estranged since the divorce in 2010.

On a blind date with a guy named Matt in Love on the Spectrum’s Season 2, Episode 1, Dani opens up about her living conditions.

After moving in with her aunt and uncle when she was eleven years old, Dani claims she discovered she was on the autism spectrum. “I used to live with my parents, but it didn’t last that long.”

Dani Bowman With Her Myrna Vielma (Source: Facebook)

However, in December 2015, Dani Bowman had an open discussion about her father on Facebook.

She even reminded her followers that it is never too late to seek mental health therapy by sharing a link to an article titled Austim’s Lost Generation.

Her caption read:

“It’s never too late. It can help get you “help services.”
I really wish my own father would have gotten a diagnosis, but he is now lost among the homeless. I really think and worry about him especially during this time of year. That is why once again this year, I will be out feeding the homeless this Christmas. If only he had gotten help.”

Dani Bowman Relationship With Her Uncle & Aunt

Dani Bowman parents aren’t as present as she would want, as she lives with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Patrick. It was the greatest decision for her because they were able to offer her the love and support she required to thrive.

Dani stated that her aunt and uncle helped her accomplish her dreams and launch her animation studio in an interview with podcaster Bruce Nachsin of Fails, Falls & F-Ups.

She said, “Sandy and Patrick took note of everything. My offerings were just noticed by them. Thus, they assisted me in launching my business.”

Dani Bowman With Her Uncle And Aunt (Source: DaniBowman)

Rather than give up and become frustrated, her aunt, Sandy Vielma, and uncle, Patrick Eidemiller—decided to harness her passion for art as a means of communication.

Through her stories and characters, they were able to communicate with her. Dani eventually started to feel more at ease participating in conversations with others. She could talk about various subjects, although she preferred discussions about her hobbies.

To sum up, Dani’s relationship with her guardians, uncle and aunt, is a testimony to the strength of love, support, and guidance. Their influence on her life helped to mold her into the amazing person she is today, and Dani always cherishes the memories they had.

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