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Chuy Montana’s Age: How Old Was He When He Died? What Was the Cause of Death?

Chuy Montana’s life met a tragic end on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, following the discovery of his body in Tijuana, Mexico. Chuy Montana’s age was 25 when he met his demise.

According to reports from Punto Norte, Tijuana police stated that a group of armed individuals ambushed Montana, along the Playas de Rosarito-Tijuana road in an apparent attempt to abduct the Corridos Tumbados singer.

Chuy Montana's Age: Chuy Montana, A Mexican Singer
Chuy Montana, A Mexican Singer (Source: Instagram)

Chuy Montana managed to evade his captors by leaping out of the vehicle they had confined him in.

Tragically, the assailants fired numerous shots at him, whose lifeless body was discovered with his wrists restrained by handcuffs.

Street Mob Records later confirmed the tragic news of Chuy Montana’s passing by stating their social media platform.

The label, established by renowned Mexican artist Jesús Ortiz Paz of the group Fuerza Regida, officially confirmed the untimely demise of Cardenas in a statement.

Posted on Instagram, the statement expressed deep sorrow over the loss of their colleague and brother, Chuy Montana.

The label extended solidarity to his family during this trying time and urged the media to show understanding and respect amidst the grief.

Prior to his signing with Street Mob Records under Ortiz Paz’s guidance, Chuy had gained popularity on social media for his performances.

Notably singing and playing guitar among vehicles queued to cross the border into the United States from the San Ysidro, Tijuana side in Mexico.

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Chuy Montana’s Age: How Old Was He When He Died?

As per the reports, Chuy Montana was 25 years old when he was shot to death and later his body was found in Tijuana, Mexico.

Jesus Nolberto Cardenas Velasquez, known by his stage name Chuy Montana, was a promising talent in the Mexican, Latin, and global music scenes.

Chuy was signed to Street Mob Records by Jesús Ortiz Paz, the lead singer of Fuerza Regida, a popular Mexican regional band.

Chuy Montana's Age: Chuy Montana Was A Promising Talent From Street Mob Records
Chuy Montana Was A Promising Talent From Street Mob Records (Source: Instagram)

With his unique blend of contemporary beats and traditional Mexican melodies, he has amassed a substantial fan base.

Montana specialized in corridos tumbados or belicos, a sub-genre of regional Mexican music.

He was highly active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he shared videos of himself singing and playing guitar while traversing the border into the United States amidst vehicles, earning him over 180,000 followers on Instagram alone.

In his bio, Montana proudly referred to himself as an Artist, underlining his association with his record label to underscore his position within the music industry.

However, there was a startling revelation as he also included the phrase “Solo hace falta un mal día,” translating to “It only takes one bad day,” suggesting a deeper sentiment or perhaps a foreboding message.

Chuy Montana: What Was the Cause of Death?

Around noon on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, Chuy Montana’s body was discovered on the Playas de Rosarito-Tijuana highway.

According to reports from Punto Norte, police indicated that a group of armed individuals, possibly linked to cartels, ambushed the singer with the intention of kidnapping him.

Despite being restrained with handcuffs, Montana resisted the assailants and attempted to escape by throwing himself out of a vehicle, resulting in several injuries from the fall.

Chuy Montana's Age: Chuy Montana Was Shot Multiple Times
Chuy Montana Was Shot Multiple Times (Source: Instagram)

Tragically, the attackers then proceeded to open fire on Montana, inflicting multiple gunshot wounds to his arms and the back of his head.

Authorities recovered at least five shell casings at the scene of the crime, where Montana’s lifeless body was found beside an orange van.

Chuy Montana’s fans were heartbroken upon learning of his tragic passing, and they expressed their grief through an outpouring of messages on his Instagram account.

Many users left comments expressing sentiments such as “Descansa en paz” (Rest in peace) and “Vuela alto” (Fly high). Others combined messages of farewell and encouragement, like “Rest in peace Chuy, fly high.”

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