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Christopher B Duncan Wife: Susan Wood Duncan & Ex-wife Judy Duncan: Kids

Christopher B. Duncan wife, Susan Wood Duncan, was a co-actor of him in the popular American sitcom series, The Jamie Foxx Show. He has been married twice in his lifetime.

Christopher B. Duncan, an acclaimed American actor, was born on December 4, 1964, to his mother, Marcia Duncan, and his father, Robert Duncan.

Christopher earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Christopher B Duncan, An American Actor
Christopher B Duncan, An American Actor (Source: IMDb)

His father, Robert, retired from the Air Force, which led the family to live in various locations, including Germany, Japan, New Mexico, Colorado, and Chicago.

His mother, Marcia, was a registered nurse. Duncan has two brothers, Robert and Charles. Unfortunately, his youngest brother, Phillip, passed away in 2018.

Christopher Duncan had a prominent role as Braxton P. Hartnabrig on The Jamie Foxx Show. He also played President William Johnson in the leading role on the sitcom The First Family.

Additionally, he had recurring roles on various TV shows, including The Resident, Veronica Mars, Aliens in America, Lincoln Heights, Jane by Design, The District, and Soul Food.

Duncan’s guest-starring credits encompass popular shows such as Martin, Rosewood, Castle, NCIS, Bones, Mental, ER, Boston Legal, 24, CSI, and The Practice.

Moreover, he also portrayed President Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in the 2010 film My Name Is Khan.

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Christopher B Duncan Wife, Susan Wood Duncan & Ex-Wife, Judy Duncan: Kids

Christopher B Duncan Wife: Christopher B Duncan first married Judy Duncan in 1987. There is not much news or information about Judy on the internet. However, they were reported to have separated in 1999.

His second marriage with Susan Wood Duncan was a bit of like a destiny. They met on the set of 90’s hit American sitcom, The Jamie Foxx Show, where Susan’s character was introduced later on the show.

Christopher played the role of Braxton P. Hartnabrig, a bougie and occasionally clumsy high-strung concierge at King’s Tower, the hotel where the series was set, opposite Jamie King’s lead character.

In season 3, the show’s writers introduced Braxton’s love interest, Cameron Caldwell, providing additional depth and complexity to his character.

Little did they know, the introduction of this woman as a valuable addition to the cast would not only enhance the show but also become an enduring presence in Christopher’s real life. Nearly three decades later, the couple continues to thrive and remain strong.

Duncan and Susan tied the knot in 2007 and are blessed with three children- two sons, Brock and Myles, and a daughter, Charlie Ann. Interestingly, all five members of the family are involved in acting.

Christopher B Duncan And Susan Wood Duncan With Their Children
Christopher B Duncan Wife: Christopher B Duncan And Susan Wood Duncan With Their Children (Source: Instagram)

Christopher took to social media to celebrate their enduring love, uploading a picture featuring the couple and their three children.

His caption read, “Time flies! Some people aren’t aware that my wife, Susan, played the character of Cameron (the GPS gal – Braxton’s girlfriend) on #thejamiefoxxshow. During our 3rd & 4th season, there was talk of the network considering a spin-off based on Braxton & Cameron’s relationship.”

While the prospect of a spin-off based on Braxton and Cameron’s relationship never materialized, the true blessing lies in the fact that their real-life love blossomed into a family that holds immense significance for Christopher.

Having been together with Susan for over 25 years, their enduring bond is a cherished gift.

Reflecting on the swift passage of 25 years, Christopher expressed that it felt “head-spinning.” He observed that the children, who were once youngsters, were now basically young adults.

Christopher B Duncan: About His Character On The Hit 90’s Sitcom

Christopher B Duncan Wife: Christopher remained a part of the Jamie Foxx Show until its fifth season, departing in 2000 after contributing to the filming of 100 episodes.

While acknowledging that the show significantly boosted his visibility, he often feels confined by the iconic role of Braxton, expressing that people tend to associate him solely with that character.

Christopher B Duncan As Braxton
Christopher B Duncan As Braxton (Source: IMDb)

In a 2021 interview, he shared the discomfort he experiences when greeted as Braxton, stating, “If I walk into a room full of let’s say brothers and sisters who are producing this project and I literally hear ‘What’s up Braxton! What’s up man?'”

He further stated it to be an unpleasant feeling like a wrench in his gut.

Despite the on-screen chemistry with Jamie Foxx, they haven’t collaborated again, with Christopher revealing in 2021 that they don’t maintain regular contact.

Since leaving the show, Christopher has taken on roles in various series and films, including The Elevator, General Hospital, The First Family, and Apple TV’s Swagger.

While he hasn’t disclosed the specific reasons for leaving before the final season of The Jamie Foxx Show, he openly expresses admiration for the mother of his children and the love of his life.

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