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Who Is Chris Armitage, Richard Armitage Brother? Family & Age Gap

Richard Armitage Brother? Chris Armitage is the brother of ‘The Hobbit’ star, Richard Armitage. Richard has become widely recognized on a global scale for his captivating roles in both stage and screen productions. In contrast, Chris has opted for a more low-key lifestyle, maintaining a private existence away from the public eye.

Richard Armitage, An English Actor And Author
Richard Armitage, An English Actor And Author (Source: Instagram)

Richard Crispin Armitage, a commendable English actor, and author, was born on 22 August 1971, in Leicester, England.

He enrolled at Huncote Community Primary School in Huncote, Blaby District, Leicestershire, and commenced his secondary education at the nearby comprehensive school, Brockington College in Enderby.

While at Brockington, Armitage explored his passion for music by playing the cello in both school and local orchestras and also took up the flute.

At the age of 14, with financial support from the Leicestershire Authority, he successfully convinced his mother to allow him to transfer to Pattison College in Coventry.

This independent boarding school specialized in the performing arts, enabling him to concentrate on his interests in drama and dance.

Richard has conveyed his appreciation for the lessons and opportunities provided by Pattison College, saying, “It… instilled me with a discipline that has stood me in good stead – never to be late, to know your lines, and to be professional.”

Upon completing his education, he earned A Levels in music and English and gained acting experience through participation in both local amateur and professional productions.

His notable performances included roles in productions such as Showboat, Half a Sixpence, Orpheus and the Underworld (Bacchus), and The Hobbit (an elf) at the New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham.

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Who Is Chris Armitage, Richard Armitage Brother? Family & Age Gap

Richard Armitage Brother? Richard Armitage is an acclaimed English actor and author, who was born to an intellectual family, where his mother Margaret is a secretary, whereas his father John Armitage is an engineer.

Richard is the youngest of two children. He has an older brother, Chris Armitage, who leads a completely private life.

The two Armitage brothers attended the same school and shared their childhood together.

Childhood Photo Of Richard And Chris
Childhood Photo Of Richard And Chris (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

Chris Armitage’s precise age is undisclosed, but it is speculated that he is in his mid-50s, taking into account that he is older than Richard.

There is no proper article or information about Chris on any media platform whatsoever. The news about himself, or his family is still a secret to the public.

Raised alongside his elder brother, Chris, Richard Armitage enrolled at Huncote Community Primary School, where he initially developed a fondness for music.

Nevertheless, it was his enthusiasm for the performing arts that became his primary focus. Continuing his journey at Brockington College in Enderby, Richard delved into his passion for drama and dance.

The journey to stardom for Richard Armitage is a narrative of unwavering determination and commitment. Initiating his career in musical theatre with the Nachtcircus in Budapest, he secured his Equity Card before opting to pursue formal acting training at LAMDA.

His dedication bore fruit as he secured supporting roles in both television and film, along with performances with the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 2004, he achieved widespread recognition following his breakthrough portrayal of John Thornton in the BBC’s “North & South,” where his ability to express intricate emotions with subtlety and nuance captivated audiences and solidified his status as a household name.

Richard Armitage: A Versatile Actor

Richard Armitage Brother? Richard Armitage gained international recognition from Peter Jackson’s film trilogy adaptation of ‘The Hobbit’ from his impressive acting skills.

Richard Armitage has showcased his versatility through various roles, including his portrayal of John Porter in Strike Back.

This role not only garnered him acclaim but also captured the attention of American agents, leading to his subsequent casting as Heinz Kruger in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Hobbit Poster 10 Years Ago
The Hobbit Poster 10 Years Ago (Source: Instagram)

Some of his recent projects where he showcased his phenomenal acting skills are Space Sweepers (2021), Stay Close (2021), The Man From Rome (2022), The Boy In The Woods (2023), and Obsession (2023).

Armitage’s consistent ability to infuse depth and nuance into his performances contributes to making his characters authentic and relatable, highlighting his skill in bringing a genuine quality to the roles he undertakes.

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