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Cayley Mandadi Parents: Mother Alison Steele & Step-Father Lawrence Baitland

Cayley Mandadi Parents? The tragic passing of Trinity University student Cayley Mandadi leaves parents Alison Steele, and Tilak Mandadi, and step-father Lawrence Baitland grappling with the aftermath.

Cayley Anita Mandadi, born on August 26, 1998, in Webster, Texas, demonstrated a remarkable and versatile journey in her short-lived career.

After graduating from Clear Creek High School in 2016, Cayley pursued her passion for communications as a sophomore at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

Cayley Mandadi Was A Student At Trinity University
Cayley Mandadi Was A Student At Trinity University (Source: MySA)

During her college years, Cayley actively engaged in various pursuits, showcasing her dynamic personality.

From running the veteran mile for the cheerleading team to excelling academically, including achieving a notable ‘A’ in microeconomics, she demonstrated a commitment to both athleticism and intellect.

Cayley also embraced the creative realm as a member of her school’s film-making club, fostering camaraderie and exploring her artistic side.

Additionally, she participated in the Faithful Friends Animal Assisted Therapy Ministry, exemplifying her compassion for both people and animals.

Despite her career being tragically cut short, Cayley’s impact on her college community resonates through the joyful, loving, and compassionate spirit she shared with friends and family alike.

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Cayley Mandadi Parents, Tilak Mandadi, an International Executive for MGM Resorts, and Alison Steele, a scientist, faced a tragic fate in 2017.

Despite her parents’ separation, Cayley Mandadi maintained close ties with both. Her mother later married Lawrence Baitland, a NASA engineer.

Cayley Mandadi Parents, Mother Alison Steele & Step-Father Lawrence Baitland
Cayley Mandadi Parents, Mother Alison Steele & Step-Father Lawrence Baitland (Source: X)

In the early morning of October 30, 2017, Cayley was admitted to a Texas hospital in a brain-dead state, with severe injuries. Her mother, Alison, firmly believed Howerton was responsible.

Cayley Mandadi Parents: Mother Alison Steele & Step-Father Lawrence Baitland

After a mistrial in 2019, Alison and stepfather Lawrence Baitland, a NASA engineer, launched their investigation, focusing on a crucial bruise near Cayley’s ear.

The family expressed relief with the sentencing, marking a step towards healing. Cayley’s father, Tilak Mandadi, maintains a low profile, emphasizing the family’s ongoing journey to find justice and closure.

Parents Pursuit Of Justice Unveils New Trial In Trinity University Student’s Death

In the aftermath of the tragic demise of 19-year-old Trinity University sophomore Cayley Mandadi, a riveting and unprecedented investigation has unfolded.

Discovered nearly naked, bruised, and unresponsive by Texan authorities on October 29, 2017, the circumstances surrounding Cayley’s death became a focal point of legal scrutiny.

Mark Howerton, her occasional boyfriend, asserted that their attendance at a music festival, consumption of ecstasy, and subsequent consensual intimacy in his car resulted in her unconscious state.

Despite these claims, Mandadi was declared brain dead and succumbed to her injuries, leading to Howerton being charged with her murder in February 2018.

Mandadi’s life was intertwined in a complex love triangle, having previously dated Jett Birchum, a football player at the same university, before becoming involved with Howerton.

Cayley Mandadi With Mark, Who Was Found Guilty Of Assault In 2023
Cayley Mandadi With Mark, Who Was Found Guilty Of Assault In 2023 (Source: CBSNews)

The day of the incident saw a confrontation between Howerton and Mandadi at the music festival after encountering Birchum, adding layers of complexity to the case.

The first trial, which pointed to blunt force trauma as the cause of Mandadi’s death, concluded with a hung jury, casting doubts on the circumstances.

The inconclusive verdict paved the way for a new trial scheduled for 2023, intensifying the quest for justice.

Unsatisfied with the trajectory of the official investigation, Mandadi’s mother, Alison Steele, and stepfather, Lawrence Baitland, both professionals in science and engineering, took matters into their own hands.

The relentless quest for justice for Cayley Mandadi continues, with her parents’ unwavering efforts aimed at unraveling the truth behind their daughter’s untimely demise.

Their pursuit of justice-involved an independent investigation, marked by the acquisition of Howerton’s car, the creation of a reenactment video, and a meticulous challenge to the defense lawyer’s assertions.

As the second trial looms on the horizon, all eyes are on the unfolding drama surrounding the tragic loss of a young life.

The grieving family faced disappointment when Howerton was acquitted of murder in 2023 but found guilty of aggravated assault. The court mandated a fine and restitution.

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