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Callahan Walker Drowning Incident: Cristie Taylor Son Obituary & Death Cause

There has been significant attention on the internet surrounding the tragic passing of Callahan, at a young age. The public is seeking information about the cause of death and searching for Cristie Taylor son Obituary.

Cristie Taylor took to Instagram to address the tragic incident about her beloved son, Callahan.

Taylor is a multifaceted individual known for her roles as a businesswoman, social media influencer, blogger, and beauty stylist.

She showcases her unique style across various domains such as home d├ęcor, beauty, and fashion.

Cristie Taylor Son Obituary: Late Callahan Walker During Holiday
Late Callahan Walker During Holiday (Source: Instagram)

One of Cristie’s notable endeavors is her fashion trend website, Merritt & Style, where she curates products based on customer preferences.

With over 219k followers on Instagram, Cristie actively engages with her audience by sharing posts that often feature her family.

The passing of Callahan Taylor, the son of Merritt & Style co-owner Cristie Taylor, has left many shocked and searching for answers.

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Callahan Walker Drowning Incident: Cristie Taylor Son Obituary & Death Cause

According to bnnbreaking.com, Callahan Walker, the son of Cristie Taylor and David Walker, tragically passed away following a drowning accident in Frisco, Texas.

The Taylor family has not yet disclosed further details about Callahan’s death. However, Cristie has only shared a post about Callahan with his smiling bright face on her Instagram account.

She expressed her sadness about her loss, but she has not yet disclosed the cause of the death.

Cristie Taylor Son Obituary: Cristie Taylor Along With Her Husband And Late Callahan
Cristie Taylor Along With Her Husband And Late Callahan (Source: Instagram)

She has written that Callahan was a blessing who brought immense joy to their entire family.

Taylor has denoted her baby boy as Cal-Bear, who was absolutely adored by his big brother and loved them beyond major.

As parents, Cristie and David Walker express profound devastation over the loss of their son.

They find solace in the belief that he is now embraced by Jesus. They humbly request prayers for peace and strength to navigate this incredibly difficult period for their family.

On February 12, 2024, Cristie Taylor took to Instagram to publicly announce the tragic loss of her son, Callahan. The news quickly garnered attention and followers expressed their condolences.

As the son of Merritt and Style co-owner, Callahan held a cherished place in Cristie’s life, fostering connections with her followers through social media.

His passing deeply affected a vast follower base, transitioning initial shock and sadness into a graceful tribute through an obituary.

Despite the mystery, Callahan’s untimely death serves as a sensitive reminder to remember him for the vibrant soul he was.

Who Are The Owners Of Merritt And Style?

As per her Instagram bio, Cristie Taylor co-founded the lifestyle blog Merritt and Style along with her sister in 2016. The account is shared by the sisters.

Cristie Taylor was born in the 1980s, in Texas, United States. She is widely recognized as a social media influencer.

Married to David Walker, Cristie is a devoted mother of three children. However, her son Callahan’s passing has brought profound sorrow to her family.

Despite her prominent role as a social media influencer, Cristie Taylor has opted to maintain privacy regarding further personal details.

Cristie Taylor Son Obituary:  Cristie Taylor Along With Her Sister
Cristie Taylor Along With Her Sister (Source: Instagram)

Typically, Cristie Taylor regularly engages with her followers by sharing family updates, stories, and live sessions on her social media platforms, fostering a sense of connection with her audience.

She and her sister used to co-own a clothing boutique for seven years immediately following their college graduation.

After experiencing various life changes, Cristie Taylor and her sister reached a significant turning point.

They both acknowledged the necessity for a career change and decided to pursue their shared dream of creating a sister-duo blog.

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