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Bunnie Xo Parents: Father Bill’s Cancer & Mother

An American model, actress, podcast host, and YouTuber, was raised by her father, Bill Spills, following Bunnie Xo Parents separation when she was still a baby.

Bunnie Xo, also known as Bunnie DeFord, is a dynamic presence in the entertainment realm, excelling as a podcast host, model, YouTube sensation, and the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions.

Her Dumb Blonde Podcast stands out as a top-ranking show, available on various streaming platforms and YouTube.

Bunnie Xo, An American PodCast Host, And Model
Bunnie Xo, An American PodCast Host, And Model (Source: Instagram)

As the sole host, she delves into her guests’ pasts, addresses current issues, and infuses the show with entertaining games.

Bunnie’s modeling career spans music videos, magazines, and features on Playboy TV.

Notably, she is the wife of musician Jelly Roll, making appearances in his music videos and live concerts.

On her thriving YouTube channel, Bunnie produces diverse content, including the popular series “Meet The DeFords.” This show offers an exclusive glimpse into the family life of two entertainment industry parents.

Amidst her current success, Bunnie envisions a future with her radio show. With an unwavering commitment to growth, her existing shows, especially Dumb Blonde Podcast and Meet The DeFords, continue to expand rapidly.

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Bunnie Xo Parents: Father Bill’s Cancer & Mother

Bunnie Xo Parents: Bunnie Xo, born on January 22, 1980, in Nashville, Tennessee, was raised by her father, Bill, after her parents’ separation during her infancy.

Bill, an established musician, took on the primary caregiving role, while her mother pursued a career in adult entertainment.

In a poignant revelation on the Dumb Blonde podcast, Bunnie shared that during her infancy, her mother left her on someone’s doorstep while she was still a baby. Limited information is available about her mother beyond this revelation.

Bunnie Xo Parents Her Dad Bill
Bunnie Xo Parents Her Dad Bill (Source: Facebook)

In 2023, Bunnie shared a poignant update on her father Bill’s battle with Stage 4 cancer. In a heartfelt video, she revealed the aggressive nature of his cancer, leading to limited treatment options.

Despite the challenging prognosis, Bunnie emphasizes making the most of their time together and temporarily stepping back from the Backroad Baptism Tour.

Bill had privately battled cancer with holistic remedies, but recent deterioration prompted Bunnie’s public disclosure.

Facing online criticism, she responded with resilience, highlighting the private nature of their journey. Jelly Roll, her husband, expressed admiration for her strength.

In an Instagram Stories update, Bunnie addressed criticism and shared that Bill is now in hospice care.

Bill’s battle with cancer has brought challenges, but Bunnie’s determination and Jelly’s unwavering support stand as a testament to their resilience.

Bunnie Xo Confronts Body-Shaming, Advocates Empathy in Powerful TikTok Video

Bunnie XO, renowned host of the popular “Dumb Blonde” podcast, recently took to TikTok to confront and denounce body-shaming comments targeting her stepdaughter and husband, Jelly Roll.

In response to a hurtful remark describing them as “massively overweight,” Bunnie XO expressed her deep disapproval, particularly highlighting the inappropriate focus on the body of an underage individual.

In a TikTok video, Bunnie XO addressed the commenter, emphasizing the need for empathy when dealing with individuals facing eating disorders.

She went on to shed light on Jelly Roll’s journey with weight, detailing his struggles and triumphs.

Bunnie Xo With Her Husband Jelly Roll
Bunnie Xo With Her Husband Jelly Roll (Source: Instagram)

Jelly Roll, a country singer, had faced significant challenges related to his weight and addiction.

Roll’s weight loss journey, as shared by Bunnie XO, began with a realization of his situation in 2015 when he weighed over 500 lbs.

Despite initial embarrassment, he embarked on a mission to save his own life, successfully shedding approximately 200 lbs.

However, the stresses of life on tour led to setbacks, with Jelly Roll candidly admitting to regaining 60 lbs.

She rejected the notion of enabling and underscored her commitment to loving her husband at every stage of his life.

Bunnie XO made it clear that her support for Jelly Roll is unwavering, emphasizing her approach of demonstrating love and encouragement rather than coercion.

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