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Brooklyn Frost Parents: Mother Monique Carrillo & Father

Brooklyn Frost Parents? Brooklyn Frost is a talented YouTuber, Instagrammer, and comedian, born to her parents, in Seattle, Washington, USA. She is known for her originality on her social media platforms.

Brooklyn Frost Parents
Brooklyn Frost, An African-American Comedian, YouTuber And Social Media Influencer (Source: Instagram)

Brooklyn Frost only recently ventured into social media, however, she has already garnered a name for herself.

Her YouTube channel has amassed a subscriber base of over 966,000, and her Instagram account @brooklynnicole boasts a followership exceeding 1.1 million.

Frost is recognized as a prominent influencer, known for her appealing looks, charming smile, distinctive style, and captivating personality. Her eye-catching Instagram photos and videos further contribute to her popularity.

The surge in her fan base is credited to the influence of her popular older brother, Deshae Frost. He has gained a massive following across various social media platforms, including YouTube.

Interestingly, it was Deshae who introduced Brooklyn to the YouTube community, featuring her in one of his initial vlogs.

Brooklyn has consistently appeared in some of his most popular videos, such as ‘My Sister Does A Hickie Prank On Me! I Broke Her Phone!! Must Watch! Vlogmas 3’ and ‘Guy Flirts With My Sister In Front Of Me Prank! Vlogmas 12.’

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Brooklyn Frost Parents: Mother Monique Carrillo & Father

Brooklyn Frost Parents? Brooklyn Frost, an acclaimed YouTuber and social media influencer, was born on August 17, 2004, in Seattle, Washington, USA, to her mother Monique Carrillo, and her father whose information is not yet revealed on any media platforms.

She has two brothers, Deshae Frost, born on January 9, 2001, and Amare Frost, born on June 10, 2003.

Even though her father’s name has not been disclosed, he was featured in one of the prank videos of Deshae.

Brooklyn Frost With Her Brothers And Mother
Brooklyn Frost With Her Brothers, Deshae And Amare, And Mother, Monique Carrillo (Source: Instagram)

Despite their parents being divorced, they continue to co-parent and raise their children together. Brooklyn attends school in Seattle.

While there is very little information regarding her early life and details about her parents, they have played a pivotal role in shaping her career.

Brooklyn Frost: The Comedian

Brooklyn Frost Parents? Brooklyn gained admiration after featuring in the video ‘I Almost Threw Up! Blazing Hot Challenge With My Sister!’ posted by his brother Deshae on October 5, 2017.

The video went viral, showcasing the entertaining chemistry between the siblings. Fans loved it, requesting more of Brooklyn in videos.

Deshae agreed to the request, leading to her appearance in popular videos like ‘In N’ Out Mukbang With Sister (She Did What!! With Her Boyfriend At 14!) ll Deshae Frost’ and ‘Went Through My Sister And Her BF Texts! She’s Cheating With His Cousin! (what does d.t.f mean!?)’.

These collaborations resulted in Brooklyn Frost’s social media stardom, with millions of views on videos like ‘I Broke My Sister iPhone XR Prank! She was HEATED! ll Vlogmas 20’.

Deshae Frost And Brooklyn Frost
Deshae Frost And Brooklyn Frost (Source: Instagram)

Her amusing pranks on her brother showcased the remarkable sense of humor she shares with Deshae Frost.

Among Brooklyn Frost’s most popular videos are ‘My Room Is Finally Finished! Mel Mel Interrupted My Video’ and ‘Get Ready With Me’.

As her follower count continues to grow, Brooklyn is on her way to achieving social media stardom.

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