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Laura Jarrett Ethnicity: Parents, Race & Origin

Laura Jarrett Ethnicity? Laura Jarrett shares a rich tapestry from her parents, as her mother, has mixed heritage, and father have African roots.

Laura Jarrett Ethnicity
Laura Jarrett, Journalist And Senior Legal Correspondent For NBC News (Source: Facebook)

Born on October 29, 1983, Laura Jarrett is a renowned journalist, presently serving as the co-anchor of Saturday TODAY and the senior legal correspondent for NBC News.

Laura’s remarkable career journey took an unexpected turn when, as a six-year law associate, she had a life-altering realization about her long-term career satisfaction.

Prompted by this epiphany, Laura decided to transition swiftly, recognizing the urgency before starting a family.

She bravely pursued her dream of becoming a TV news legal analyst, despite lacking any prior TV experience.

Undeterred by initial rejections, Laura persisted in knocking on the doors of local news stations until CNN, the first network to take notice, gave her an opportunity.

Starting at 4 in the morning, Laura’s dedication paved the way for six impactful years at CNN.

In January 2023, she joined NBC News as a senior legal correspondent, and seven months later, Laura was named co-host of Saturday TODAY, succeeding Kristen Welker.

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Laura Jarrett Ethnicity: Parents, Race & Origin

Laura Jarrett Ethnicity? Laura Jarrett’s ethnicity is a captivating fusion of diverse cultural influences, rooted in a rich tapestry that encompasses European, African, and American roots from her mother’s side.

Valerie June Jarrett, Laura’s mother, is a distinguished American businesswoman and an embodiment of the intricate interplay of various cultural threads.

Valerie’s journey unfolds in Shiraz, Iran, where she was born to American parents, James E. Bowman and Barbara T. Bowman, during the Shah’s rule.

Valerie's lineage reflects a dynamic convergence of European and African descent, creating a multicultural mosaic that has significantly shaped Laura's identity. 

Talking about the origin of Laura family, her mother, Valerie, comes from one of the most prominent African-American families in American history, known for their trailblazing achievements.

Laura’s great-great-grandfather, Robert Robinson Taylor, is celebrated as the first African-American graduate of MIT and the country’s inaugural accredited African-American architect.

Similarly, her great-grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor, became the first African-American chairman of the Chicago Housing Authority, contributing to a legacy of “firsts.”

Laura Jarrett With Her Mother, Valerie, And Grandmother (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Valerie’s parents, Barbara Taylor Bowman and Dr. James Bowman, Jr., added to the family’s illustrious history.

Barbara, an accomplished early childhood education expert, has a Chicago street named after her, while Dr. James Bowman, Jr., was a groundbreaking pathologist and geneticist.

Laura’s unique ethnicity, encompassing European, African, and American roots, serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of her family’s rich cultural heritage and the trailblazing legacy they’ve created.

Laura Jarrett Husband And Kids

Laura Jarrett and Tony Balkissoon have built a loving and supportive family, welcoming two children into their lives.

Their son, James, arrived in 2019, followed by the addition of a daughter, June Tahay, born on July 17, 2022.

The choice of the name June Tahay is a beautiful homage to Laura’s mother, Valerie June, and Tony’s mother, Tahay, showcasing the importance of family ties in their lives.

Laura Jarrett With Her Husband And Newly Born Daughter, June Tahay (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Today, Laura shared insights into their parenting journey, emphasizing the value of waiting before starting a family.

She expressed that the initial period of enjoying each other’s company laid a strong foundation for their family’s success.

Despite the challenges that come with parenting, such as sleepless nights, Laura embraces the joys and changes that come with being a family of four.

Her gratitude for the support and joy Tony brings to their family is evident, and she looks forward to sharing more of their family dynamics on the Today show.

The couple’s commitment to each other and their children underscores the importance of balance, love, and partnership in their journey as parents.

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