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Bekka Allick Siblings: Twin Sister Hannah Allick – Parents & Family Tree

In the realm of collegiate sports, two stars twinkle brightly – Bekka Allick, the powerhouse of Nebraska Volleyball, and her twin sister Hannah Allick, the strategic setter for Missouri Southern State University Athletics.

Their athletic prowess is making ripples that are turning into waves in the vast ocean of collegiate sports.

The Allick siblings, sculpted from a lineage rich in athletic prowess, have blossomed into formidable athletes, each etching their unique path in their chosen sports.

Bekka Allick, the shining star of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, has been sprinting on the path of her athletic career, leaving behind footprints of significant achievements, all while balancing a robust academic record.

Born under the winter sky on January 26, 2004, to Melvin Allick and Colleen Ziegelbein, Bekka was destined for greatness.

Bekka Allick Posting Before The New Season Starts (Source: Instagram)

From a tender age, she has been paving her path to success with talent and dedication on the volleyball court.

She has been crowned with the honor of the AVCA All-Region Team and the All-Big Ten Second Team in the consecutive years of 2022 and 2023.

Moreover, she claimed her rightful spot on the All-Big Ten Freshman Team in 2022 and was bestowed with the Big Ten Freshman of the Week award twice in the golden month of October 2022.

Her journey continues, and the world watches as she carves her legacy in the sands of time.

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Bekka Allick Siblings And Family: An Athletic Legacy

Bekka Allick, a shining star in the world of volleyball, is the offspring of Melvin Allick and Colleen Ziegelbein. The roots of her athletic prowess run deep, as her parents were both collegiate athletes.

Her mother, Colleen Ziegelbein, was a collegiate athlete who played basketball at Northwest Missouri State.

Similarly, her father, Melvin Allick, was making a splash as a swimmer at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Further enriching this athletic heritage, Bekka’s stepfather, Bill Ziegelbein, added to the family’s sports legacy with his stint as a football player at the University of Nebraska from 1987 to 1991.

Moreover, Bekka Allick was raised alongside her five siblings – brothers Josiah, Tony, and Kalev, and sisters Sarah & Hannah.

This legacy of athleticism extends to Bekka’s siblings, who all share a passion for sports.

Hannah Allick, Bekka’s twin sister, is also leaving her mark in the world of collegiate sports. As a setter for the Missouri Southern State University Athletics, Hannah has demonstrated her skills on the court.

Bekka Allick’s Brother, Josiah Allick Who Plays Nebraska Cornhuskers Forward (Source: Huskers)

Her commitment to the sport and her academic achievements have secured her a spot on the MIAA Academic Honor Roll in 2023.

The Bekka Allick siblings share a common love for sports, each forging their path in their respective sports.

Josiah Allick, Bekka Allick’s brother, born on June 2, 2001, in San Antonio, Texas, has emerged as a standout senior basketball player for the Nebraska Huskers Basketball team.

His remarkable journey in collegiate basketball includes playing 103 games at the Division I level, with an impressive 84 starts.

In the Allick family, the basketball prowess extends beyond Josiah. Bekka’s brother, Kalev Allick, displays his talent for the Waverly High School (NE) Varsity Basketball team.

Bella Allick Twin Sister Hannah Allick

Hannah Allick, much like her twin sister Bekka, is a formidable force in the realm of volleyball, showcasing an impressive array of talents and achievements that mirror her sister’s illustrious career.

Hailing from Waverly (Neb.) High School, Hannah emerges as a standout player under the guidance of coach Terri Neujahr, just like her sister Bekka.

As a setter for the Vikings, Hannah notches a remarkable four-year tenure as a letter winner, demonstrating her unwavering commitment and skill on the court.

Similar to Bekka, Hannah’s prowess extends beyond mere athleticism, as she garners recognition for her exceptional academic achievements.

Throughout her high school journey, Hannah mirrors her sister's academic excellence, earning accolades such as Academic All-Conference selections for all four years and membership in the esteemed National Honor Society. 

Furthermore, Hannah secures a pair of academic letters, underscoring her dedication to scholastic pursuits alongside her athletic endeavors.

On the volleyball court, Hannah’s talent shines brightly, earning her a place among the top players nationally, much like her sister Bekka.

Her remarkable skills and contributions to the sport do not go unnoticed, as she receives nominations for esteemed honors and awards akin to Bekka’s distinguished career.

Hannah Allick, A Setter For Missouri Southern Athletics (Source: Instagram)

Hannah’s achievements include notable selections such as the AVCA All-Region Team and prestigious conference recognitions, mirroring the trajectory of her sister’s decorated volleyball journey.

In addition to her athletic prowess, Hannah also exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship and community leadership, emulating the values upheld by her sister Bekka.

Like Bekka’s recognition on the Tom Osborne Citizenship Team, Hannah distinguishes herself as a role model both on and off the court, embodying the principles of integrity, teamwork, and service.

Together, the Allick twins, Bekka and Hannah, form an exceptional duo whose remarkable achievements and shared passion for volleyball serve as a testament to their extraordinary talent, dedication, and character.

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