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Bea Alonzo Net Worth: How Rich Is The Filipino Actress? Boyfriend

Bea Alonzo, a remarkable Filipino actress, is one of the richest actresses in the Philippines. Bea Alonzo Net worth is estimated to be around $55 Million. She is one of the finest actresses in the industry.

In mid-2008, Bea Alonzo launched her debut album, The Real Me, with production by Star Records.

Around the same time, it was revealed that she would take on the lead role of Betty Pengson in the Philippine adaptation of the Colombian TV sitcom Yo Soy Betty La Fea, titled I Love Betty La Fea.

Bea Alonzo, A Filipino Actress
Bea Alonzo, A Filipino Actress (Source: Instagram)

By December 2011, Alonzo had renewed her contract with ABS-CBN, committing to two films with Star Cinema and a reunion project, The Mistress, alongside her frequent on-screen partner, John Lloyd Cruz.

She later gained international acclaim for her role in the 2014 TV drama Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon alongside Paulo Avelino and Albert Martinez.

In 2019, Alonzo appeared in notable films such as the horror flick Eerie and the drama Unbreakable.

Additionally, she embarked on a new venture in screenwriting by participating in a workshop led by renowned Filipino writer Ricky Lee.

The 2024 year also marked her recognition by Variety.com and the International Film Festival & Awards Macao as one of Asia’s leading talents destined for global recognition.

On July 1, 2021, GMA News reported Alonzo’s departure from ABS-CBN, announcing her exclusive contract signing with GMA Network after nearly two decades with her former home studio.

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Bea Alonzo Net Worth: How Rich Is The Filipino Actress?

Phylbert Angelli Ranollo Fagestrom, born on October 17, 1987, is a Filipino actress known by her professional name Bea Alonzo.

The Mistress actress was born in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, to Philip Fagestrom and Mary Anne Ranollo. Her father is of British descent.

Renowned for her portrayal of dramatic characters in romantic drama films, Alonzo has become a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Alonzo’s films have achieved significant commercial success, grossing an impressive ₱2.4 billion worldwide.

This remarkable achievement places her as the third highest-grossing box office star of all time in the Philippine film industry.

As she entered GMA Network the circulating rumors on social media suggest that Bea’s earnings for a project fall somewhere within the range of P200 million to P500 million.

Bea Alonzo Net Worth: Bea Alonzo For Aivee Clinic Appointment As One Of The Ads For Her Brand
Bea Alonzo For Aivee Clinic Appointment As One Of The Ads For Her Brand (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, some netizens speculate that Alonzo’s rate per taping day is P250,000.

Given her prominent position in the entertainment industry as an A-list star, discussions regarding her solely being motivated by financial gain may be deemed futile.

Considering her earnings from film and television projects, along with endorsement deals and investments, Bea Alonzo is undoubtedly affluent.

As per resources, Filipino actress has an estimated net worth of $55 million. As per a Facebook post of Tacloban Today on July 28, 2023, Alonzo’s worth was estimated to be 1.1 Billion Philippine pesos.

As of July 2021, she is reportedly engaged in at least 15 active endorsements. Some of these partnerships encompass brands such as Head & Shoulders, Avon, Beautederm, Epson, Xtreme Appliances, Sta. Lucia Land, FnC Jewelry, and many more.

Who Is Bea Alonzo’s Boyfriend?

Actress Bea Alonzo and her boyfriend Dominic Roque have reached a significant milestone in their relationship.

The couple revealed their engagement on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, marking a momentous step forward in their journey together.

Alonzo took to her Instagram to recount the heartwarming moment when her boyfriend, Dominic Roque, proposed to her.

She shared that they were at a photo shoot with photographer Mark Nicdao on Tuesday when the unexpected happened.

 Bea Alonzo Net Worth: Dominic Roque Proposing To Bea Alonzo
Dominic Roque Proposing To Bea Alonzo (Source: Instagram)

Alonzo stated that during a shoot in Las Casas, she wasn’t aware of what the next moment holds for her future.

Nicdao had been prompting her to turn around for shots of her dress from the back, which she found peculiar.

When she followed his instructions, she was greeted with the sight of Dominic on one knee, holding out a ring.

However, on February 6, 2024, it was revealed that Alonzo and Roque had decided to go their separate ways.

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