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Ariana DeBose Parents: White Mother Gina DeBose & Puerto Rican Father

Ariana DeBose Parents: Ariana DeBose, born on January 25, 1991, to her mother, Gina DeBose, and her Puerto Rican father, works tirelessly to make her parents proud of her achievements.

West Side Story Actress Ariana DeBose
West Side Story Actress Ariana DeBose (Source: Instagram)

Ariana DeBose is an American actress, singer, and dancer, who gained prominence for her work on Broadway and in the entertainment industry.

She began her career joining the ensemble of the musical “Bring It On” and later went on to perform in other Broadway productions.

DeBose gained widespread attention for her role as “The Bullet” in the original Broadway production of “Hamilton,” which premiered in 2015.

Her performance in the ensemble of this critically acclaimed musical brought her recognition in the theater world.

In 2018, Ariana played one of the lead roles, portraying Disco Queen Donna Summer in the musical “Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.” Her performance earned her a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

She successfully transitioned to the film industry. One of her most notable roles was as Anita in Steven Spielberg’s 2021 adaptation of “West Side Story.”

Her performance in the film received widespread acclaim, and she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role.

Her performances have been consistently praised, earning her the prestigious Tony Award nomination and several other awards and nominations for her contributions to the performing arts.

Moreover, she hosted the Tony Award ceremonies in 2022 and 2023. She’s been in the Netflix film “The Prom” (2020) and the Apple TV+ series “Schmigadoon!” (2021–present).

She was famous for playing Anita in Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” (2021) and won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Lately, Ariana also lent her voice to the main character in Disney’s animated film “Wish” (2023).

Ariana DeBose Parents: White Mother Gina DeBose & Puerto Rican Father

Ariana DeBose Parents: Ariana’s mother, Gina DeBose, an eighth-grade teacher, stands as the beacon of constant support in her life.

Gina not only nurtured Ariana’s love for the performing arts but also fueled the flames of her aspirations.

From attending Broadway openings to gracing movie premieres, Gina has been a constant presence, even stepping onto the “West Side Story” set to witness her daughter’s brilliance.

Ariana’s journey is a testament to her mother’s influence. The echoes of Gina’s encouragement resonate in Ariana’s work ethic and resilience.

Ariana DeBose Parents
Ariana DeBose With Her Mother Gina DeBose (Source: Instagram)

The absence of her Puerto Rican father left a void, but Ariana, with grace, keeps those details veiled.

Instead, she focuses on the robust family bond shared with her mother and extended family.

Ariana DeBose, proudly identifying as Afro-Latina intricately weaves her heritage into the fabric of her identity.

With African American and Italian roots on her mother’s side and Puerto Rican lineage from her father, she stands as a vibrant tapestry of cultures.

Her platform becomes a canvas for advocacy, promoting representation, and embracing the richness of her multifaceted self.

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Critics Choice Awards Joke Irked Ariana DeBose

Ariana DeBose didn’t find the Critics Choice Awards 2024 joke funny at all. She responded on Instagram Stories, expressing her lack of amusement at being grouped with “actors who also think that they are singers.”

The incident occurred during the award ceremony when presenters Bella Ramsey and Anthony Ramos announced the Best Song category.

Ramsey mentioned that the nominated songs were delivered by some of the most famous voices in the music industry, listing artists like Billie Eilish, Lenny Kravitz, and Dua Lipa.

The joke that didn’t sit well with DeBose occurred when Ramsey included her, along with Jack Black and Ryan Gosling, as “actors who also think that they are singers.”

Ariana DeBose Parents
Ariana DeBose Responds To A Joke Made At The Critics Choice Awards 2024 (Source: Instagram)

This didn’t resonate with DeBose, who is not only an accomplished actress but also a singer, having won an Academy Award for her role in Steven Spielberg’s 2021 musical film adaptation of West Side Story.

At the Critics Choice Awards, she was nominated in the Best Song category for her performance of “This Wish” from the Disney animated film Wish.

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