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Alix Angelis Wikipedia & Age: All About This Is Me … Now: A Love Story Actress

Alix Angelis was born on July 23, 1985. She has been in the public eye recently due to her statement, which made fans search for Alix Angelis Wikipedia.

In an interview with Alix Angelis regarding her involvement in The Cleansing Hour, she talked about her collaboration with the film’s director, Damien LeVeck, and the physical demands of portraying a character possessed by pure evil.

Angelis discussed the challenges of working with special effects and shared insights into her experience working on the film.

Alix Angelis Wikipedia: Alix Angelis, An American Actress
Alix Angelis, An American Actress (Source: Instagram)

When asked what was the appealing factor to join the movie. She answered when she first encountered the synopsis of the script for The Cleansing Hour, she initially had reservations due to her familiarity with the concept and the potential challenges in execution.

However, upon reading the script and viewing Damien LeVeck’s short proof of concept, she found herself deeply engrossed in the story and felt optimistic about its potential.

Angelis particularly appreciated LeVeck’s background as an editor, which instilled confidence in his ability to effectively capture the complex stunts and scenes required for the film.

She praised his efficiency as a director, noting that no time was wasted on set. As an actor, Angelis found it exhilarating to portray both the innocent ingénue and the menacing monster, relishing the opportunity to transition between the two roles seamlessly.

Overall, she described the experience as enjoyable and fulfilling.

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Alix Angelis Wikipedia & Age

Alix Angelis, a remarkable American actress, was born on July 23, 1985, in Gainesville, Florida, U.S. As of 2024, she is 38 years old.

Alix, a veteran entertainer in Hollywood, identifies with American ethnicity, placing her within the White identity category.

She is a theatrically trained actress. Thus, she is the daughter of Diana Angelis, an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Systems Engineer, and James Angelis, an Air Force Major Flight Nurse.

Alix Angelis Wikipedia: Alix Angelis With Her Twin Sister, Kris Angelis
Alix Angelis With Her Twin Sister, Kris Angelis (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, she shared her upbringing with her twin sister, Kris Angelis, who is a singer-songwriter.

Their childhood was spent on a small farm, surrounded by free-range cows and retired dressage horses.

Before pursuing acting, as per her LinkedIn, Angelis studied Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB).

She later attended the New York University (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts Experimental Theatre Wing (ETW), honing her skills in theater.

Angelis is not only an actress but also a founding member of the internationally acclaimed physical theatre company, Not Man Apart.

Additionally, she is a co-founder of Badcake Films, showcasing her versatility and passion for the arts across various platforms.

She is an actress and director known for her roles in The Magnificent Seven, Bones, and Alice in Wonderland.

Alix Angelis actively promotes her work and shares glimpses of her personal life, including pictures with her family, on her Instagram account, @alixangelis.

Alis Angelis: All About This Is Me … Now: A Love Story Actress

It seems Jennifer Lopez is baring her heart and soul in “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story,” potentially positioning herself for an Oscar nomination, as suggested by one of her co-stars, Alis Angelis.

During a recent interview in Los Angeles, Alix Angelis, who plays The Quiet One in Jennifer Lopez’s musical film, shared her thoughts on the project’s potential for an Academy Award nomination.

While Angelis expressed uncertainty about the film’s eligibility for such an honor, she expressed her hope that it would earn recognition, particularly for Jennifer Lopez’s performance.

Alix Angelis Wikipedia: Alix Angelis About Jennifer Lopez In The Movie 'This Is Me Now A Love Story'
Alix Angelis About Jennifer Lopez In The Movie ‘This Is Me Now: A Love Story’ (Source: Instagram)

Alis elaborated on Lopez’s portrayal, highlighting the vulnerability required for the role and how it empowered her both on-screen and as a leader on set.

Additionally, Angelis noted that Lopez’s involvement extended beyond acting, as she co-wrote and executive produced the film.

The film depicts Jennifer’s personal journey in search of true love, offering viewers a glimpse into her experiences through her perspective.

While Lopez has characterized it as a culmination of her last two decades, Alix Angelis expresses confidence that this project won’t be the last of its kind for Lopez.

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