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Alexi McCammond Parents: Mother Shelli McGinley And Father – Boyfriend & Family

Alexi McCammond, the political journalist, was raised by her parents, with her mother being Shelli McCammond-McGinley.

Alexi Jo McCammond, born in 1993, is a political journalist and opinions editor at The Washington Post.

A University of Chicago graduate in sociology and Spanish, she began as a freelance political writer for Cosmopolitan, later becoming a news editor at Bustle.

Joining Axios in 2017, she covered significant events, including Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 primary withdrawal and revelations about Donald Trump’s schedule.

In 2019, McCammond accused Charles Barkley of threatening her, prompting Barkley’s public apology.

Alexi McCammond A Political Journalist
Alexi McCammond A Political Journalist (Source: Instagram)

Her relationship with Biden campaign member TJ Ducklo drew attention; he later resigned from the White House amid harassment allegations.

In 2021, she became Teen Vogue’s editor-in-chief but resigned due to past controversial tweets. She rejoined Axios in July 2021 as a political reporter.

Despite setbacks, McCammond received the 2019 Emerging Journalist Award from the National Association of Black Journalists and was on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2020.

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Alexi McCammond Parents: Mother Shelli McGinley And Father

Alexi McCammond, born in Chicago, Illinois, grew up with a passion for politics and aspirations to become a doctor. Her parents played a crucial role in shaping her journey.

Shelli McCammond-McGinley, her mother, a graduate of Rockford University, co-owns Rockford’s Royal Family All-Stars.

While details about Alexi’s father remain limited, it is known that he, standing tall at six-foot-three, is of mixed ethnic descent.

Alexi McCammond Mother Shelli McGinley
Alexi McCammond Mother Shelli McGinley (Source: Facebook)

During Alexi’s junior year at Guilford High School, a significant setback struck her family when her father, the sole breadwinner, lost his manufacturing job.

This unexpected challenge jeopardized Alexi’s dream of attending Northwestern University or the University of Chicago.

However, fortune smiled upon the McCammond family when Alexi secured a full four-year academic scholarship through QuestBridge to the University of Chicago, valued at around $60,000 annually.

This scholarship became a lifeline, covering her tuition, books, and housing expenses. Shelli McCammond-McGinley expressed the family’s joy, likening the scholarship news to winning the lottery.

Her parents, especially her mother Shelli McCammond-McGinley, and her relationships, reflect the diverse dimensions of her life beyond the headlines.

Alexi McCammond Boyfriend & Family

In addition to her achievements in journalism, Alexi McCammond’s personal life has also been in the public eye.

While working as a political reporter at Axios, she made headlines for her relationship with TJ Ducklo, a White House deputy press secretary under President Joe Biden.

McCammond and Ducklo, who met during the 2020 campaign, disclosed their romantic involvement in 2021.

The couple navigated challenges, including Ducklo’s battle with stage-four lung cancer, displaying strength and commitment in the face of adversity.

Alexi McCammond With TJ Ducklo
Alexi McCammond With TJ Ducklo (Source: DailyMail)

Both being professionals in the political arena, they consciously kept their work and love lives separate, acknowledging the potential for scrutiny.

Despite facing criticism and acknowledging the potential challenges, McCammond and Ducklo remained steadfast in their relationship. McCammond, known for her resilience, did not let external opinions dictate her happiness.

Apart from her romantic life, McCammond values her family. Her brother, Braxton, engaged to Bridget Falgiatano, has a daughter named Brynleigh.

McCammond’s sister, Aubyn McGinley, a registered nurse, is in a relationship with Nick Momaly.

The McCammond family, including her parents and siblings, provides a supportive backdrop to Alexi’s successful career and personal life.

Alexi McCammond’s story is one of overcoming challenges, achieving academic excellence, and finding love amidst the demanding world of political journalism.

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