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Alejandro Mayorkas Ethnicity: Parents, Net Worth, Wife & Kids

As far as Alejandro Mayorkas ethnicity is concerned, he is Cuban-Romanian. He possesses a diverse ethnic heritage stemming from his family’s roots.

Alejandro Mayorkas rose to prominence following his appointment as the seventh United States Secretary of Homeland Security in 2021.

During the Obama administration, he served in pivotal roles within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), commencing as the director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and later as the deputy secretary of DHS.

American Lawyer And Politician, Alejandro Mayorkas
American Lawyer And Politician, Alejandro Mayorkas (Source: ABC News)

Upon finishing law school, Mayorkas embarked on his professional journey as an Assistant United States Attorney before becoming the United States Attorney for the Central District of California in Los Angeles.

He secured Senate confirmation on February 2, 2021, with a vote of 56–43. Vice President Kamala Harris administered his oath of office on the same day.

He holds the esteemed title of being the first refugee and the primary individual born in Latin America to helm the department.

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Alejandro Mayorkas Ethnicity And Parents

Alejandro Mayorkas ethnicity is Cuban-Romanian, and he was born to Jewish parents. Born on November 24, 1959, is originally from Havana, Cuba.

When he was one year old, his parents fled with him and his sister to the United States in 1960 as refugees, following the Cuban Revolution.

He grew up in Miami, Florida, before his family moved to Los Angeles, California, where he spent his formative years.

His father, Charles R. “Nicky” Mayorkas, was born in Cuba and was a member of the Cuban Jewish community.

He came from diverse cultural backgrounds, with Sephardi roots from the former Ottoman Empire (now Turkey and Greece) and Ashkenazi lineage from Poland.

Anita (Gabor), his mother, was a Romanian Jew whose family sought refuge from the Holocaust and settled in Cuba during the 1940s before later immigrating to the United States following the Cuban Revolution.

Alejandro Mayorkas With His Father, Nicky, And Sister, Cathy
Alejandro Mayorkas With His Father, Nicky, And Sister, Cathy (Source: Washingtonpost)

His late mother, Anita, was a refugee twice. Her family fled from Romania to France amidst the rise of fascism before settling in Cuba.

Unfortunately, her paternal grandparents and seven uncles were among the victims of the Holocaust.

Alejandro’s parents first encountered each other at a gathering in Havana. The couple celebrated their honeymoon at Niagara Falls after his marriage to Anita. Both of Alejandro’s parents were of Jewish descent.

His father, known for his vibrant and outgoing personality, hailed from Turkish and Polish immigrant backgrounds and sought new opportunities on the Caribbean island following World War I.

Making the move to Miami, Nicky and Anita arrived with their two children, Alejandro and his elder sister, Cathy, on tourist visas on August 21, 1960.

Anita’s parents, Michael and Charlotte Gabor, joined them approximately one month later. However, Nicky’s own parents (Alejandro’s grandparents), Moises and Jane, remained in Havana; tragically, Jane was battling cancer.

Alejandro Mayorkas, of Cuban-Romanian descent, embodies a rich tapestry of ethnic heritage.

His ethnicity embodies a blend of Cuban warmth, Romanian resilience, and Jewish heritage, crafting a nuanced identity that mirrors the interconnectedness of global narratives and the richness of multicultural experiences.

Alejandro Mayorkas Net Worth, Wife & Kids

Politician Alejandro Mayorkas has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2024.

Although his main income stream stems from his distinguished career in public service, his fortune has also been shaped by his diverse investments and assets.

Throughout his tenure at the law firm WilmerHale, where Robert Mueller is a partner, Mayorkas continued his role until 2020, representing prominent clients such as MGM Resorts, Northrup Grumman, Blackstone, and Airbnb.

His efforts were financially rewarding, allowing him to assemble a portfolio of stock and bond funds.

In his January financial disclosure report, he disclosed a $3.3 million partnership share received and awaited an additional payment exceeding $1 million.

His earnings won’t be as substantial in his role as Secretary of Homeland Security, which carries a salary of around $200,000.

In 2010, he acquired a $1.6 million residence in Washington, D.C. He also possesses various parcels of land and farmland, including a 100-acre farm in rural Pennsylvania and a 50-acre ranch in Texas.

Alejandro Mayorkas And His Wife, Tanya Mayorkas
Alejandro Mayorkas And His Wife, Tanya Mayorkas (Source: x)

Regarding his personal life, Alejandro Mayorkas is married to his wife, Tanya Mayorkas, who had a distinguished career as a lawyer before retiring.

The family finds additional joy and fulfillment through their two daughters, Amelia Mayorkas and Giselle Mayorkas, who are an integral part of their lives.

The family intentionally keeps details about their kids confidential to shield them from public attention.

Though their married life details are kept private, it’s obvious that Tanya has been a steadfast supporter amid her husband’s hectic schedule.

Tanya Mayorkas is more than a supportive partner as she adds love and grace to the Mayorkas family through her accomplished career as a lawyer.

Born on October 12, 1967, Tanya Mayorkas attended South Eugene High School and The Athenian School before continuing her education at Vassar College. She later earned her J.D. from UCLA School of Law.

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