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Adam Harrison Wiki: Details About The Untimely Death Of The Son Of Pawn Stars Creator Corey Harrison

Adam Harrison, the son of “Pawn Stars” creator Rick Harrison, tragically passed away on January 19, 2024.

Adam Harrison, the son of “Pawn Stars” creator Corey Harrison, lived a life away from the spotlight compared to his brother, Corey, who earned the moniker “Big Hoss” on the popular reality TV show.

Adam worked behind the scenes at the iconic Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the focal point of “Pawn Stars.”

Although Adam’s work at Gold & Silver Pawn was not prominently featured on the show, reports suggest that he was involved in the operations of the family business.

Adam Harrison, The Son Of Rick Harrison
Adam Harrison, The Son Of Rick Harrison (Source: biographyceleb)

The pawn shop, founded in 1989, became a renowned landmark in Las Vegas under the leadership of Corey and Adam’s father, Rick Harrison.

Despite Adam’s absence from the on-screen narrative, his contributions to the success of the family enterprise were noteworthy.

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Adam Harrison Wiki

Adam Harrison’s life, though largely private, is now subject to public scrutiny following his untimely death at the age of 39.

Born in 1984, to Rick Harrison and his ex-wife Kim in 1984, Adam was the second child in the Harrison family, with an older brother, Corey, and later, a half-brother named Jake from Rick’s second marriage to Tracy.

His brother Corey became a visible figure, but Adam chose to stay out of the limelight, contributing to the family business without appearing on television.

Adam Harrison With Rick Harrison
Adam Harrison With Rick Harrison (Source: Instagram)

While details about Adam’s personal life are limited, it is known that he shared a close bond with his family, as evidenced by the tributes from his father and brother after his passing.

Adam’s decision to maintain a lower profile, both in the family’s business and personal life, reflects his desire for a more private existence compared to the fame garnered by his relatives through “Pawn Stars.”

However, Adam may not have been a familiar face to “Pawn Stars” viewers, but his story serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities and struggles that extend beyond the television screen.

Adam Harrison: Details About The Untimely Death Of The Son Of Pawn Stars Creator Corey Harrison

The world was shocked by the tragic news of Adam Harrison’s untimely death, which occurred on January 19, 2024.

The circumstances surrounding his passing pointed to a suspected drug overdose, with the toxicology report revealing a combination of fentanyl and methamphetamine toxicity as the cause of death.

Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, has become a significant concern in the ongoing drug crisis, and Adam’s case highlights the urgency of addressing the issue.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department initiated an investigation into the events leading to Adam’s death after he was found unresponsive in the guest house where he resided.

Adam Harrison Died At The Age Of 39
Adam Harrison Died At The Age Of 39 (Source: www.expreso.ec)

The police report indicated that concerns were raised by another resident who hadn’t seen him since January 17. The tragic discovery prompted a call to law enforcement.

In the wake of Adam’s passing, his family, including his father Rick, and brother Corey, expressed their grief on social media.

Rick Harrison, in a heartfelt Instagram post, shared a photo of him and Adam at a restaurant, expressing his everlasting love for his son.

Corey posted a childhood photo of the two brothers, expressing his enduring love for his “bubba.”

The toxicology report, later confirmed by the Clark County Nevada coroner, revealed the accidental nature of Adam’s death due to a combination of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

Rick Harrison, speaking to various media outlets, emphasized the need to address the fentanyl crisis and its impact on families across the country.

As the Harrison family grieves the loss of Adam, the tragic circumstances surrounding his death shed light on the broader issues of substance abuse and the challenges faced by individuals battling addiction.

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