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Aim Straight

USA, 2020 (Animated Short, 2 min)

When you find yourself the subject of ridicule for your hunting skills, navigating the woods with a monster in pursuit, and having only one leg, there’s only one option: stand your ground and fight!

An Apparition

India, 2020 (Experimental Short, 2 min)

What insights can we gain about lockdown and embodiment from the most reviled insects?

This film honors the resourcefulness of a disabled filmmaker who, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, collaborates with the actors available to him.

Best Summer Ever

USA, 2020 (Feature Film, 72 min)

A high school football player is taken aback to realize that the new girl in school is the one he fell in love with during a summer dance camp.


USA, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 20 min)

A young dancer grapples with her dual cultural identity when she encounters a self-assured young Deaf drummer, reigniting unresolved emotions about her upbringing as a hearing individual in a Deaf family.


Dead End Drive

USA, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 15 min)

In the midst of the zombie apocalypse, a lone survivor stumbles upon a seemingly hopeless situation, hoping it will guide him toward salvation. Notably, this project involves the inclusion of individuals with disabilities, with over half of the cast and crew, including the writer, entire cast, and the majority of the producers.

Flight Paths Innovation in Craft Award

UK, 2020 (Interactive)

Blending elements of film, video game, and historical exploration, this delightful animated choose-your-own-adventure transports audiences into the universe of ‘the Goze’—blind female traveling performers from medieval Japan. Developed by Extant, the preeminent company of visually impaired artists in the UK, Flight Path illustrates the innovative and fully integrated nature of accessibility. Embark on this contemplative journey, offering reflections on travel, blindness, and migration.

Hamburger Airplane

USA, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 16 min)

In this dramedy, a solitary Deaf individual at his lakeside condo embraces the task of crafting the ultimate hamburger and facing his haunting past. Throughout the process, he employs clever and impassioned American Sign Language (ASL) to charm a trophy deer.

Here Comes Frieda

USA, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 9 min)

Facing yet another impending superstorm in the weary city of 2040, a young blind woman endeavors to exchange her winning sweepstakes ticket for a chance at a better life in a low Earth orbit paradise.

If You Could Touch Me Now

Denmark, 2021 (Experimental Short, 5 min)

In this contemplation of desire and the appreciation of a body deemed untouchable, an autistic student filmmaker at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland explores the most tangible yet fleeting sense: touch.

ill, actually

UK, 2019 (Short Documentary, 12 min)

Delving into the obstacles faced by the young and chronically ill within a meticulously cultivated online culture, this short documentary features a real-life “superhero,” a YouTuber, and a camgirl, shedding light on their decisions to either disclose or conceal crucial aspects of their identities in the digital realm.


UK, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 20 min)

After a worker tragically plummets to his death at a care home, initial impressions suggest a dreadful accident. However, as a detective interviews a young man with Down syndrome observed near the incident, they unearth a crime more startling than anyone could have envisioned.


Australia, 2018 (Dramatic Short, 6 min)

In this unique public service announcement, Cam finds herself hungover, disoriented, covered in vomit, and contending with an exceptionally impolite visitor, all while being completely in the dark. However, on the flip side, or rather, claw, she possesses an advantage that many Australians can only fantasize about.

Loving with Three Hearts

USA, 2021 (Short Documentary, 30 min)

What does it entail for a collective of individuals encompassing Disabled, Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, Non-Binary, and People of Color to produce a full-length theatrical presentation on the repercussions of climate upheaval on disabled individuals, all amid a pandemic? In 2020, Sins Invalid commissioned seven artists across four cities to craft “We Love Like Barnacles: Crip Lives in Climate Chaos,” reaching an audience of over 1000 through streaming. This heartfelt endeavor delved into and brought to light the ways in which crip bodies find themselves at the forefront of ecological crises, emphasizing how our politics, aspirations, and yearnings contribute essential insights for the planet’s evolution. Gain an insider’s perspective on its development and the imperative behind its realization.

Not a Wallflower

Australia, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 8 min)

Ben, a lively young man on the autism spectrum, envisions a promising future. However, challenges arise in his relationship with his boss and in the pursuit of love. Can he flourish beyond the realm of wallflowers?


Pew! Pew! Pew!

USA, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 13 min)

As Miles attempts to rejoin his nerdy squad at a cosplay convention, Anita is not having any of it. However, before she can dismiss him, the cunning Lord Moro launches a surprise attack on the crew, compelling these long-lost friends to come together in an epic cosplay “blaster” battle.

Reasonable Adjustment

UK, 2021 (Dramatic Short, 7 min)

During the 1980s, the disabled group known as Reasonable Adjustment undertook a violent campaign in pursuit of rights – or did they?

See Through

USA, 2021 (Dramatic Short, 9 min)

Jessie and Brian, a young Deaf couple, have just learned that they are expecting a child. In their neighborhood coffee shop, unspoken sentiments fill the air as they explore innovative ways to communicate.

Sign Night Juror’s Choice Award

UK, 2020 (Experimental Short, 6 min)

Derived from the balcony performers in Wuhan and Lombardy during the 2020 pandemic, Sign Night unfolds as a poetic dialogue between two star-crossed lovers in British Sign Language, projected onto structures in a gritty urban setting.


Australia, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 13 min)

A 37-year-old woman from Australia with Down syndrome leaves her home and sets out on a journey from Kalgoorlie to Perth.

Still a Slave Best Audio Description Award

UK, 2020 (Experimental Short, 5 min)

Responding artistically to numerous social media comments that undermine the Black Lives Matter Movement, this impactful film incorporates The Rationale Method of audio description, utilizing sound effects and spoken word.

What If?

UK, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 10 min)

Following a difficult break-up, Jess directs her energy toward reconstructing her life and bolstering her self-esteem. Entering into a new relationship could be beneficial, but what if things take a turn for the worse? There’s only one way to discover.

Yulubidyi – Until the End Best of Festival Award

Australia, 2017 (Dramatic Short, 13 min)

What does it signify to be a man within an Aboriginal family, especially when your brother is disabled, and your father is harsh? Moreover, how do you reconcile your brother’s evident ties to land and spirit when your father desires harm for him, and perhaps for you as well?

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