Superfest 2020 occurred online Friday, October 16th, Saturday, October 17th, and Sunday, October 18th. Read below to check out the blurbs for 2020’s films!

Friday, October 16th

The God-Given Talent (5:35 pm)
Disability Justice Award for Charles Blackwell

USA, 2018 (Feature Film, 70 min)

Blind Oakland poet, painter, playwright, and teacher Charles Curtis Blackwell had a challenging upbringing in California and Mississippi. This sensitive documentary explores his current creative life rooted in loss, love, pain, and redemption.

Charles Curtis Blackwell stands and stares just off to the side of the camera. He is wearing layers and a hat. He has a thoughtful expression on his face.
Charles Curtis Blackwell stands and stares just off to the side of the camera. He is wearing layers and a hat. He has a thoughtful expression on his face.

To support the independent artists who made this film possible, visit: www.paypal.com/pools/c/8fMh2c2mi0.

Saturday, October 17th

High Flying Jade (2:05 pm)
Best of Festival: Documentary

USA/Vietnam, 2019 (Documentary Short, 22 min) 

Follow the true story of a bipolar American white woman who tries to manage her unique brain chemistry by running away to join the circus in Hồ Chí Minh City.

The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot (2:27 pm)

UK, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 10 min) 

Tom Lightfoot works at a call center that answers anybody’s questions about absolutely anything. The talented co-workers know an awful lot, except about Tom himself, who holds secrets inside. And studying for a PhD in bird migration isn’t even half of it.

ReAct (2:37 pm)

Japan, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 4 min)

A Japanese man sits on a rock formation and is gesturing toward the camera. He is wearing black and white flowy clothing.

A self-employed Japanese wheelchair dancer born with Spina Bifida confronts the elements, natural and human in lyrical, unexpected ways.


Sweet Solace (2:41 pm)

France, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 10 min)

A man is looking toward the camera. He is wearing a jacket and a scarf and has a tube of a musical instrument in his mouth. The background is blurry.

A penniless, whimsical street musician smiles when two blind passersby encounter one another, catapulting all three into his imaginary world of movies and music.

Sign at All Times (2:51 pm)
Advocacy Award

USA, 2019 (Documentary Short, 8 min)

A teenage boy looks into the camera. He has brown skin and is wearing a black beanie and T-shirt.

A young skateboarder shares his journey to find pride in his Deaf identity.

Indimenticabile (2:59 pm)

Italy, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 20 min)

A girl with light skin and short hair is lying in bed under the covers. Her sheets and room are various shades of pink and green. Her eyes are closed.

Luna, who has Cerebral Palsy, and Angel, a sex worker, share an unusual story of love, which challenges the cages and the judgment of others.

Sunday, October 18th

Verisimilitude (2:05 pm)
Best of Festival: Narrative

UK, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 14 min) 

Two young women sit next to each other. The one on the left has blonde hair and is wearing a green jacket with a red shirt. She has a slight frown on her face. The one on the right has brown hair and is wearing overalls with a white shirt. She has her hand pressed to her chin and is staring intently off-camera.

A narrative short about an unemployed disabled actress who takes a job to advise an up-and-coming British film star on how to be disabled for his latest role. But will he win an award?

My Grito (2:19 pm)
Juror’s Choice

USA, 2018 (Documentary Short, 5 min)

Two men smiling and laughing. The one on the left has dark hair and facial hair. The one on the right has grey hair, glasses, and a mustache. He is also holding a guitar.

A story about a young man, Cristian, and his love for mariachi music, which leads him to seek out his own grito for his communication device.

The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating (2:24 pm)
Innovation in Craft Award

USA, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 15 min)

When a woman is bedridden by a mysterious pathogen, a forest snail unexpectedly takes up residence on her nightstand. Together, they share an intimate journey of survival and resilience in this live-action true story, adapted from the award-winning memoir of the same title.

Garden Variety (2:39 pm)

USA, 2018 (Dramatic Short, 5 min)

A man sits on a patio surrounded by plants. He has light skin, brown hair and a beard. He is wearing a dark t-shirt and jeans. He is holding a watering can.
A man sits on a patio surrounded by plants. He has light skin, brown hair, and a beard. He is wearing a dark T-shirt and jeans. He is holding a watering can.

A mockumentary about a disabled person’s garden and his unwarranted admirers.

*Note: This film was invited by the Producers of Superfest and was not selected by the jury.

Wheelchair Wendy (2:44 pm)

USA, 2018 (Dramatic Short, 6 min)

Barbie dolls in a dollhouse. One of the Barbies is in a wheelchair and looking at a group of other Barbies who are all huddled together in an elevator.

An eager-to-please doll in a wheelchair is placed in the perfect world of the narcissistic Barbara and must find a way to fit in or be thrown in the trash.

Alternative Ways of Being Human (2:50 pm)

Finland, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 7 min)

Used assistive devices take on second lives in this documentary about a passionate sculptor in Finland.

Single (2:57 pm)

USA, 2020 (Dramatic Short, 14 min)

A man and a woman are sitting next to each other on a dark couch. The man has dark hair and is wearing a white shirt. The woman has light hair and is wearing a black tank top. The light is tinted pink.

Kim, who was born with one arm, gets set up on a blind date. When she finally meets Jake, she quickly realizes he also has a physical disability, and she is pissed.

Stand Up (3:12 pm)

USA, 2019 (Dramatic Short, 8 min)

A Black woman is in front of a wood and metal background. She has short hair and large earrings. She is holding a microphone and looking just off-camera. Her shirt has a face on it. but only the eyes are visible.

For all her life, 30-year-old Jazmine who uses a wheelchair has wanted to be an actress. Meeting Ruth, while navigating the tough world of stand-up comedy, she learns that accessibility isn’t just about physical space. 

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