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Who Are Guillermo Rodriguez Wife & Kids? Son Benji

Guillermo Rodriguez, a comedian, is married to his wife and shares a 12-year-old son Benjamin (Benji) Rodriguez with her.

Guillermo Rodriguez was born in Zacatecas, Mexico on January 27, 1971. He is a Mexican-American who obtained his American citizenship in 2005.

Like most immigrants, Rodriguez had to do minimum-wage labor before he became famous.

Guillermo used to work as a parking lot security guard at Jimmy Kimmel Live Studio in 2003.

He was caught sleeping in Dicky Barret’s car by Dicky himself, who went and told Jimmy about the incident.

Guillermo Rodriguez Wife
Guillermo Rodriguez, A TV Personality (Source: Instagram)

When Jimmy Kimmel found out about Rodriguez, he said, “We have to put this guy in the show.”

Hence, his career as a talk show performer started as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s first season in 2003.

Initially, he appeared on the show with Francis Potenza in the “Security Night Live” series.

Later, Rodriguez began acting in skits for The Jimmy Show and played roles like Michael Jackson’s Spanish cook, Everyman, etc.

Furthermore, after the demise of Francis Potenza, Guillermo Rodriguez took Potenza’s place and started taking red-carpet interviews.

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Guillermo Rodriguez Wife & Kids: Son Benji

Guillermo Rodriguez wife’s identity remains hidden from the public eye as Guillermo is very private and likes to keep his family information away from the limelight.

Despite being in the media field for a long time, Guillermo has never mentioned his wife’s name in any interviews or social media posts.

There are few pictures of Guillermo with his wife, only one of which is a picture of them attending a Jewish wedding on September 1, 2014.

He captioned the picture, “My first Jewish wedding. It is a lot of fun!” and that is it. He did not say anything about his wife in the picture.

Rodriguez With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

However, he has attended/appeared in a few events with his wife namely the premiere of the “Coco” movie in LA, at Fairmount Century Plaza Hotel at the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Latino Cinema and Television.

Likewise, his secrecy about his wife is not to be mistaken for possible feuds or cracks in their marriage.

Moreover, the couple has a beautiful son together called Benji, born Benjamin Rodriguez on December 1, 2011.

Rodriguez is a proud dad and posts about his son on social media platforms every chance he gets, praising his son as much as possible.

Bond Shared By Jimmy And Guillermo That Goes Beyond The Show

After more than 20 years of working together Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo Rodriguez have been friends that go beyond the Live show.

Rodriguez has mentioned several times how they have become part of each other’s life and how Jimmy feels more like family to him.

Guillermo Rodriguez And Jimmy At The Jimmy Kimmel Live (Source: Instagram)

So much so that Jimmy Kimmel was picked by Guillermo to be the godfather to his son Benji.

Likewise, in honor and love for their friendship, Jimmy has named his son William, translating to Guillermo in Spanish. The duo enjoy each other’s company and hang out often.

Furthermore, Rodriguez said he and Jimmy love watching football at Jimmy’s house.

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