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What Is Sukihana Ethnicity? Race, Parents Background & Religion

Destiny Lanette Henderson, aka Sukihana, is a rapper and reality TV personality hailing from Delaware, USA. Sukihana comes from an African-American heritage.

Sukihana, born on November 15, 1991, spent her early years in a creative art school environment. Prior to moving to Miami, Florida, she was situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

She gained recognition when she joined the cast of the VH1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Miami in 2020.

During the same year, she launched her first mixtape titled Wolf P*ssy. Amidst her rise in popularity, she did a cameo in the music video for the single WAP by American rapper Cardi B, released on August 7, 2020.

Sukihana, An American Rapper
Sukihana, An American Rapper (Source: Instagram)

In 2023, she continued her reality TV career by participating as a cast member in the show Baddies.

Additionally in the summer of 2023, YK Osiris faced online controversy when a video clip surfaced showing him attempting to kiss Sukihana while recording a basketball game, which was provided by Revolt, a digital cable network founded by Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The incident led to a backlash, with some users interpreting it as an attempted se*ual assault.

Following the controversy, Osiris publicly apologized to both his fans and Sukihana, and the rapper graciously accepted his apology.

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What Is Sukihana Ethnicity?

Race, Parents Background & Religion

Sukihana Ethnicity? Sukihana, an acclaimed American rapper and TV personality, was born on November 15, 1991, to her parents, her mother, Lori Lee, and her father, Alex Wright.

She experienced the loss of her father at a young age, and she was later raised by her mother and stepfather, Demond Foreman.

Her grandmother introduced her to art classes, where she developed skills in dancing, singing, and acting.

Sukihana And Cuban Doll In Drug Dealer Music Video
Sukihana And Cuban Doll In Drug Dealer Music Video (Source: XXL Mag)

Sukihana, an American of African-American descent, hails from Wilmington, Delaware. Despite her hometown roots, she spent her formative years in various locations such as North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia.

She acquired her nickname from a humorous incident at an Asian restaurant located in the Christiana Mall, where someone jokingly remarked that she “tasted like Sukihana.”

Sukihana: Current And Past Relationships

The singer is currently not married and appears not to be involved in a romantic relationship.

In the past, she was in a relationship with Kill Bill, an American rap artist. Their romantic involvement began in 2019, and they publicly confirmed their relationship in March 2020.

Sukihana With Her Own Daughter And 'Bonus Daughter'
Sukihana With Her Own Daughter And ‘Bonus Daughter’ (Source: Instagram)

The couple even announced their engagement on Instagram Live in September 2020.

However, their engagement did not lead to marriage, as they decided to call it off approximately a year later in 2021.

Besides, Sukihana is a mother of three children: two sons and a daughter. Reportedly, she became a mother for the first time at the age of 18. Currently, her children reside with her mother in Wilmington, Delaware.

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