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Snooki Siblings: Birth Parents, Husband & Kids

In regards to Snooki’s siblings, she didn’t have any siblings during her upbringing. However, she mentioned that her birth parents had “like 10” other children.

Snooki, renowned as an American reality television personality and writer, gained fame as a cast member of the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore“.

Additionally, she is notable for her appearances in “Snooki & Jwoww” and “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.”

Moreover, she was a guest hostess for WWE Raw in 2011 and joined the WrestleMania XXVII lineup in the same year.

American TV Personality, Snooki
American TV Personality, Snooki (Source: Facebook)

MTV initially introduced Snooki in “Is She Really Going Out with Him?,” a show focusing on women dating obnoxious or arrogant men. Subsequently, she appeared in various projects such as “Dancing with the Stars,” “Cake Boss,” “Supernatural,” “The Three Stooges,” and more.

Her journey as an author began with the publication of “A Shore Thing” in 2011, succeeded by “Confessions of a Guidette” and “Gorilla Beach.”

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Snooki Siblings And Birth Parents

Snooki, born on November 23, 1987, was raised without siblings, yet she mentioned that she has siblings from her birth mother.

Adopted at the age of six months, she was raised by Italian-American parents, Andrew Polizzi and Helen Polizzi.

Hailing from Santiago, Chile, Snooki was given the birth name Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi by her adoptive parents, whereas her birth name was Claudette.

Within her adoptive family, her father volunteers as a firefighter and works as an auto-salvage supervisor, while her mother manages an office.

In July 2018, Snooki shared her adoption story on her YouTube channel. The Jersey Shore star revealed that she has never felt a strong urge to discover more about her biological parents, expressing satisfaction with her Italian-American adoptive family.

She mentioned, “If I had the opportunity to meet them, I think I would. I would love to see what my parents look like. And if I had brothers and sisters, too.”

Snooki With Her Adoptive Parents
Snooki With Her Adoptive Parents (Source: Tmz)

“I was adopted from Santiago, Chile, at 6 months old,” the 36-year-old recounted. “Helen and Andrew Polizzi adopted me. They flew all the way to Chile to bring me home, and as soon as they saw me, I said ‘Mama, Dada’.”

She added that “it was meant to be,” and to her, “things just work out that way.”

She spoke about her mother, Helen, saying, “My mom couldn’t have babies, so she was trying to adopt kids”. “She actually had a boy first, and then that fell through. Then it was like, ‘Oh, we have a little tiny Chilean in Chile,’ and she picked me up in 6 months.”

“Basically, my birth parents had other siblings, and they couldn’t afford me,” she elaborated in her 2018 YouTube video. “I can’t even imagine because I have two kids, putting up a child for adoption, to give them a better life.”

In “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation,” Snooki provided more details about her birth mother’s situation, mentioning that she had “like 10” other children.

While Snooki didn’t have siblings in her adoptive family, her awareness of her birth siblings adds depth to her understanding of family connections.

Despite not growing up with them, the knowledge of her birth siblings has likely influenced her perspective on family and relationships.

She earned the nickname Snooki from her friends in middle school, who drew inspiration from “Snookie”, a male character in Save the Last Dance.

Growing up, she lived and attended school in Marlboro, New York, where she was actively involved as a cheerleader. Throughout high school, she struggled with an eating disorder, reaching a weight of 80 pounds (36 kg) at one point.

Following her graduation from Marlboro High School, Snooki enrolled at Brookdale Community College to pursue a degree in veterinary technology.

Snooki Husband & Kids

Snooki tied the knot with her husband Jionni LaValle on November 29, 2014, following her announcement of engagement to Jionni in March 2012. Jionni LaValle is professionally recognized as an American personality.

Before marrying Jionni, she welcomed the couple’s first kid, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, on August 26, 2012.

Snooki graced the front page of the March 2013 issue of Us Weekly, sharing her achievement of losing 42 pounds after giving birth.

On September 26, 2014, Giovanna Marie LaValle, their second kid, was born, weighing in at 6 pounds and 7 ounces.

Snooki With Her Husband, Jionni LaValle And Their Three Kids
Snooki With Her Husband, Jionni LaValle And Their Three Kids (Source: Instagram)

She disclosed in October 2016 that she underwent breast augmentation surgery to achieve a C-cup size. Early in 2016, Snooki and her husband were featured on the f.y.i. series Nicole & Jionni’s Shore Flip.

She took to her Instagram on November 22, 2018, to announce that she was expecting her third child. Snooki welcomed her third child, Angelo James LaValle, on May 30, 2019.

Currently, Snooki along with her husband, and their kids are happily living in Florham Park, New Jersey.

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