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Playboi Carti Mental Health: Is He Sick? Mental Illness

Playboi Carti reportedly struggles with mental health issues; the rapper thinks he is bipolar.

Jordan Terrell Carter, born on September 13, 1996, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter born on September 13, 1996.

Reports say Playboi initially wanted to be an NBA player. However, in an interview with The Fader, he mentioned he didn’t keep up with the practice.

Additionally, he said he would smoke before practice and get on the court. The last straw for him was a disagreement with his coach.

Playboi Carti Mental Health
Jordan Terrell Carter Famously Known As Playboi Carti Is A Rapper (Source: Pinterest)

After an alleged disagreement with his then-coach, Carti dropped the idea of becoming an NBA star and started his rapping career.

He often skipped his high school classes to give more time and focus to his rap/music Playboi. Most days, he worked on his music and went to his H&M job.

Carti began rapping around 2011. First, he started uploading songs and raps on Soundcloud.

Later, he joined Awful Records after his meet-up with the record’s producer, Ethereal. 

As of the writing, the member of ASAP Mob has a record label called “Opium.”

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Playboi Carti Mental Health: Bipolar Disorder

Carti has been open about his mental health struggles. He has said that he thinks he is bipolar.

However, the statement is not backed up by any concrete medical reports to confirm his mental sickness.

In an interview with XXL magazine in 2022, the rapper was asked about his new project, “Love.S*x.Drugs,” and its importance in his life.

Carter’s answer implied how this project is likely a self-reflection to him. He said, “I have been rapping about going to rehab. I want to go to rehab because I think I’m bipolar.”

Playboi Carti Mental Health
Carti At One Of His Shows (Source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, Playboi said he wants his album to make everyone feel free and to bring peace to the world.

After the rehab’s statement from Carter, some fans speculated him to have been in rehab. However, he has never been to a rehabilitation center till this date.

Some sources question if the rapper’s struggle with mental health originates from his troubled childhood.

As Playboi Carti had once mentioned in an interview how, even as a kid, he couldn’t open up with his mom, or anybody else for that matter.

Playboi Carti Girlfriends & Kids

Playboi has had a pretty public dating history. He dated Blac Chyna, an American Model around 2017.

Before dating the mother of his son, Iggy Azalea, the rapper had a short dating history with model and rapper Rubi Rose.

Playboi Carti Mental Health
Playboi Carti And Iggy Azalea- His Son Onyx’s Mother (Source: Pinterest)

Iggy Azalea and Carti met while he was on tour in 2018. They started dating abruptly and welcomed a baby boy, Onyx, in 2020.

However, they reportedly broke up after Carti allegedly cheated on Oynx’s mom, Iggy.

Furthermore, Iggy Azalea also talked about how Carti was not present with her during Oynx’s birth and refused to sign his birth certificate.

Additionally, in 2023, while dropping his single, “H00DBYAIR,” Carti revealed he had been blessed with a daughter, Yves. However, the details regarding the baby mama are not disclosed to the public.

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