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Mr Capone Ethnicity: Race, Origin & Parents Background

Mr. Capone E hails from Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. As for Mr Capone ethnicity, he is of Pakistani-American descent.

In 2000, Mr. Capone-E independently released his debut solo album titled “Mr. Capone E & The Southsiders” through his label Hi Power.

The album garnered significant attention and attracted the interest of Thump Records. This led to a three-year distribution deal, resulting in the release of his next album, “Last Man Standing,” in 2001.

Mr Capone Ethnicity: Mr. Capone-E, Pakistani-American Rapper
Mr. Capone-E, Pakistani-American Rapper (Source: Instagram)

In 2003, Mr. Capone E released his third album, “Dedicated To The Oldies,” which he asserts sold over one million copies through swap meets.

Continuing his musical journey, he dropped “Always and Forever” in 2003, featuring the hit single “I Like It” with Nate Dogg.

The album also boasted collaborations with Kokane, Mr. Criminal, and other artists from his Hi Power label.

In 2005, Mr. Capone-E expanded his discography by releasing several albums, including “A Soldier’s Story” and “Ol Skool Music Vol. 1 and Vol. 2” with Zapp.

Money disputes arose between Mr. Capone-E and Thump, resulting in unpaid royalties for the artist.

Due to the significant album sales he was achieving, Mr. Capone-E was advised to part ways with Thump. Upon his departure, he regained all rights to his music released under Thump.

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Mr Capone Ethnicity: Race, Origin & Parents Background

Fahd Azam, also known as Mr. Capone-E, is an acclaimed Pakistani-American rapper, born on April 27, 1976.

Azam was born to an ethnic Hazara family. At an early age, Mr. Capone-E and his family relocated to West Covina, California.

Growing up in this environment, he was exposed to gangs and eventually became affiliated with the Sureño gang culture.

At the age of 18, he found himself incarcerated. During his time behind bars, he made the decision to pursue a career in hip-hop.

Mr Capone Ethnicity: Mr. Capone-E In His New Music Video
Mr. Capone-E In His New Music Video (Source: Instagram)

There are rumors suggesting that the well-known Canadian rapper Mr. Capone-E is of Pakistani Hazara descent appear to have been validated.

A video emerged online featuring the rapper’s image displayed alongside a Pakistani national flag in the background, providing evidence to support these claims.

A Twitter user named Sturgeon’s Law shared a screenshot of the video, accompanied by the caption, “Lol damn Mr. Capone-e has been passing as Chicano/Mexican this whole time but is actually a Pakistani Hazara.”

This tweet alludes to the revelation that Mr. Capone-E, who had previously been perceived as Chicano or Mexican, is in fact of Pakistani Hazara heritage.

The Hazara community originates from the Hazarajat region in central Afghanistan, but a significant minority also resides in Pakistan.

It has been reported that Mr. Capone-E was born in Pakistan to an ethnic Hazara family and later moved to West Covina at a young age.

As Mr. Capone-E pursued his career as a hip-hop musician, he recorded songs such as ‘Dedicated to the Oldies 2‘ and ‘Still Connected,’ both of which gained popularity among audiences.

The video revealing his Pakistani heritage has prompted various reactions, including one comment suggesting that he didn’t like taking off his shades because he looked Pakistani.

This remark reflects the surprise or disbelief expressed by some individuals upon learning about Mr. Capone-E’s ethnic background.

Mr. Capone E Tipped Nearly £4,000 After A Show

In 2017, the US rapper displayed remarkable generosity during his visit to Birmingham, UK, where he performed at The Rainbow Club before unwinding at 139teen Shisha Lounge and restaurant.

The rapper Mr. Capone-E reportedly distributed nearly £4,000 in tips to staff members.

Mr Capone Ethnicity: Mr. Capone-E In  Birmingham In 2017
Mr. Capone-E In Birmingham In 2017 (Source: Instagram)

According to Asam Khan, the owner of 139teen, Mr. Capone-E gave £200 in tips to six employees at the lounge, in addition to a generous tip of £2,500 to the restaurant.

Khan described Mr. Capone-E as exceptionally kind and down-to-earth, suggesting that he thoroughly enjoyed his time at their establishment.

Moreover, Mr. Capone-E is said to have tipped staff at The Rainbow Club and security personnel who assisted him with a further £2,000.

This display of generosity left a lasting impression on everyone involved, with Khan expressing gratitude for Mr. Capone-E’s remarkable act of kindness.

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