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Lilah Gibney Before Surgery: Did She Have A Rhinoplasty?

Lilah Gibney Before Surgery? The transgender model Lilah Gibney had surgery to fix her facial orientation.

Lilah Gibney Before Surgery
Lilah Gibney, A Transgender Social Media Influencer (Source: Instagram)

Lilah Gibney, who publicly embraced her transgender identity in 2018, has been sharing her journey on her YouTube channel, where she candidly discusses the various aspects of her transition.

With an open and honest approach, she provides insights into the challenges and triumphs of her experience, fostering awareness and understanding within her audience.

However, her transparency has occasionally stirred controversy, notably when she was called out by Ts Madison for allegedly sensationalizing her personal encounters with a hip-hop star solely for “shock value.”

This incident sparked discussions about the fine line between personal expression and sensationalism within the transgender community, highlighting the complexities that arise when sharing one’s narrative in the public domain.

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Lilah Gibney Before Surgery: Did She Have A Rhinoplasty?

Lilah Gibney Before Surgery? Lilah, who bravely embraced her transgender identity, was on a transformative journey, supported by ten months of hormone replacement therapy.

Acknowledging the swift pace of life, she aspired to achieve complete contentment with her transition, happiness, and overall well-being.

In pursuit of her vision, Lilah underwent facial feminization surgery (FFS), encompassing a forehead reduction to create a smaller and more rounded appearance, alleviating the need for wigs.

Lilah Gibney After Her Facial Feminization Surgery (Source: YouTube)

Additionally, FFS included a rhinoplasty aimed at refining the bridge of her nose to enhance its femininity from every angle.

Recognizing the significance of breasts in the transitioning process, Lilah also considered breast augmentation during the same surgical period.

To facilitate this life-changing journey, Lilah initiated a fundraising campaign on, expressing gratitude for any support.

Furthermore, confirming her surgical journey, Aesthetician Sagar Patel posted on Instagram, revealing Lilah’s incredible transformation following her rhinoplasty and forehead reduction. The post underscores the shared aspiration for personal glow-ups during the transformative year of 2021.

Lilah Gibney Was Kicked Out Of Jake Paul’s House In 2019

Transgender YouTuber Lilah Gibney, along with Kendall Raindrop, alleged that they were asked to leave a party at Jake Paul’s residence by Team 10 video editor Blaine O’Roark, who stated they were not “real girls” because “real girls were coming.”

In a video posted on YouTube, the social media personalities detailed the incident, expressing shock and hurt, especially considering the generally inclusive environment they had experienced at the Team 10 house.

Lilah Gibney Was Kicked Out Of Team 10 House For Being Transgender (Source: YouTube)

Following the video’s release, Gibney claims she was contacted by Team 10 manager Adam Quinn, who allegedly threatened legal action.

Team 10 released a statement on Instagram pledging a full internal investigation into the matter, emphasizing their commitment to LGBTQ inclusivity.

Gibney, on Twitter, expressed frustration, stating that video proof should suffice, and criticized the normalization of transphobia.

Gibney’s manager, Tana Mongeau, was reportedly working to turn the situation into a positive opportunity.

The incident helped put light on the challenges of normalized transphobia and highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing discrimination faced by transgender individuals.

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