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Was Jessica Tarlov Fired? Who Will Replace Her As The Co-Host For The Five?

Jessica Tarlov, a familiar face on Fox News, has been the subject of speculation recently. Known for her insightful commentary and personal life, she has made waves in the media landscape.

Jessica grew up in a house that was built on the bones of a Bazzini Nuts factory. Her parents were filmmakers, and her sister, Molly, followed in their footsteps.

Despite the rumors swirling about her potential departure from her job, the truth about Jessica Tarlov’s career remains elusive.

Jessica Tarlov Fired? Rumors Are Circulating Around About Jessica Losing Her Job (Source: X)

Jessica Tarlov has been a contributor at Fox News since 2017. She has ascended to prominence within the network, notably serving as a rotating co-host on “The Five,” one of Fox News’s flagship programs.

As a liberal voice on the show, she offers viewers a Democratic perspective on a wide array of issues, adding diversity to the network’s commentary.

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Was Jessica Tarlov Fired? Rumors And Speculations

Despite speculation circulating online, Jessica Tarlov has not been fired from her role at Fox News.

While rumors of her dismissal persist, there is no concrete evidence to support such claims.

Instead, it’s important to consider alternative explanations for her potential absence from Fox News programming.

Tarlov recently announced on “The Five” that she is expecting her second child, due in April.

Jessica Tarlov Is An American Political Pundit and Democratic Strategist Who Currently Serves As Co-host Of The Five On Fox News (Source: Fox News)

Given this development, it’s plausible that she may take maternity leave in the near future, temporarily stepping away from her on-screen duties.

In light of this, it’s crucial to differentiate between speculation and reality when discussing Jessica Tarlov’s status at Fox News.

While her impending maternity leave might lead to a temporary absence from the network, it does not indicate termination from her position.

Until official statements from Fox News or Tarlov herself confirm otherwise, assertions of her firing remain unfounded.

Who Will Replace Her On The Fox’s The Five?

As for who will replace her as the co-host for “The Five,” Fox News has named Jeanine Pirro as a full-time co-host of “The Five.” Harold Ford Jr., Geraldo Rivera, and Jessica Tarlov will serve as rotating co-hosts.

Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino, and Jesse Watters will be regulars on the panel for the show.

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Jessica Attending The Fox Nation Ceremony (Source: X)

In conclusion, Jessica Tarlov has not been fired from Fox News. Her absence from the network is likely due to her upcoming maternity leave.

Jeanine Pirro has been named as a full-time co-host of “The Five,” and Tarlov will continue to serve as a rotating co-host along with Harold Ford Jr. and Geraldo Rivera.

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  1. Jessica Tarlov NEEDS to be fired.
    She is RUDE, interrupts other guests, raises her voice when her point has been knocked down by another guest, waves her arms all over the place as she is getting louder and her point defeated and is in general, a poor choice for Fox News.

    I used to watch “The Five” religiously, even Harold Ford is a good liberal addition. I no longer watch any episode of “The Five” in which Tarlov appears. Now that she seems to be showing up on other Fox programming, I mute her appearance and comments. If it’s a long segment, I change the channel.

  2. Get rid of Jessica Tarlov. She spews the same democratic lies. You give a platform to continue the lies to repulicans who don’t believe the lies from the communist democratics. GET RID OF HEAR. DON’T GIVE HER A PLATFORM TO CONTINUED LIES!!! Now get her of OUTNUMBERED!!!


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