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Jake Webber Ethnicity: Race, Religion & Parents Background

Jake Webber Ethnicity: Jake Webber is of Caucasian ethnicity, follows Christianity and his race is white.

Jake Webber Ethnicity
Jake Webber A Youtuber And Musician (Source: Instagram)

Jake Webber, born on June 11, 1998, to parents Jack Webber and Lora Webber, is a famous YouTuber who has now expanded his horizons to music as well as business.

He created his official YouTube channel in the year 2014. Initially, Jake Webber started his YouTube career by creating vines.

In 2016 he moved from vines to creating content that is funny and relatable for the younger generations.

Jake has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 2.47 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (According to Jan 18, 2024).

His first ever video on YouTube which has over a million views was the Music Video “BEANIE BOY”. It was freestyled by Colby Brock alongside Jake Webber.

His very first post on his YouTube was “GHOST PEPPER GUMMY BEAR PRANK ON SISTER”. This was posted 8 years ago and has 140k views  (According to Jan 18, 2024).


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Jake Webber Ethnicity: Race, Religion & Parent Background

Jake Webber Ethnicity: Jake Webber ethnicity is Caucasian. He was born in Kansas, United States therefore, He is an American by nationality.

And like most Americans, he has fair skin. He has light brown hair and eyes. So, his race is white.

Jake Webber follows the Christian religion. Although we are not sure to what extent he is devoted to Christianity, he sure is a Christian.

He was born to Mother Lora Webber and Father Jack Webber. He has two older brothers Ryan Webber and Reggie Webber.

Jake Webber With His Parents And Sister, Jillian Webber (Source: Instagram)

Jake also has a sister, Jillian Webber. Both Reggie and Jillian are social media personalities themselves.

He has a good relationship with both his parents and all his siblings as seen from his mother’s Instagram.

Jake’s mom is also a star on social media and has 65.4k followers on Instagram (According to Jan 18, 2024), and her feeds feature pictures of the Webber family.

Jake’s oldest brother, Ryan Webber, is a PE teacher at a school in Las Vegas. Similarly, his other older brother, Reggie Webber, is a streamer and a digital creator. Reggie got engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Cassie, on September 3, 2023.

The youngest of the Webber Sibling, Jillian Webber is also social media personality (mainly a TikToker) and owns a business.

Jake Webber current relationship

Jake Webber has been dating Tara Thompson (known as Tarayummy) for about 5 years now.

His first Instagram post together from Coachella 2019 gave fans all the proofs needed to confirm their relationship.

Since then both Jake and Tara have been very public about their relationship and don’t shy from expressing their love via social media.

Jake Webber And Girlfriend: TaraYummy At Coachella 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Talking about his girlfriend, she goes by the name Tarayummy and was born on July 31, 2000, in the United States (Maryland). 

Unlike Jake Webber Ethnicity of Caucasian background, Tara is of Persian Ethnicity.

She is also a YouTuber like her boyfriend, she posts vlogs, entertaining content, and Q&A videos. They post YouTube videos now and then and their fans just love seeing them together.

All in all, her popularity has skyrocketed over the years. Now, she is a well-known Instagram model and a YouTuber.

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